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Maria Kang and Mayra Vasquez

Meet Mayra Vasquez. On a scale from 1-10, she is an 11 when it comes to what it means to be a No Excuse Mom leader. Not only does she host weekly meetups and engage her Uvalde, TX community online, but she encourages charity and fundraising events throughout the year. Read below and be inspired by this incredible role model.
When did you become a NEM leader and why?
I became a NEM leader April 2014  At the time I had started and ran a workout support group on Facebook and notice more and more moms of every shape and size had joined along with few males. I started the group to get me motivated to loose weight after my second child.  Figured every time I post I should workout I kept it going for 1 1/2 years and its had been working great!
Saw the moment in Fall of 2013 and kept an eye out to see if anyone was leading the area of San Angelo. After a few months I decided to start one in April because I wanted to be healthier for me, my family and help others.
What fundraising efforts have you been involved in and what were the results?
For 2017 we had many fundraiser and Events
On April 8th we had a garage sale at one of the coleaders home. members donated gently used items that they no longer needed and we held  the garage sale. The monies raised was to go to our Earth day trip to our local state park which paid for the entry fees of the members who wanted to attend and their family and children. It also helped the leaders buy snacks and drinks to take along with us and paid for  1/2 the lunch  at the location.
On June 25, 2017 we held a river cleanup that our local community host that allows groups to clean the sides of the rivers and donate their time to a nonprofit organization.  Since children are not allowed to go we decide to make this as a date between parents,  we had four couples attend and cleaned up more than 3 tons of trash. Money was donated back to our group and we use that to have our second annual family fun attendance at a waterpark which paid for half of everyone’s entrance to the park.
On August 4th our local community and nearby towns host a hotter than hell garage sale   Which is 100 miles along the highway 90  from Bracketville to Castroville Tx. Of gently used items  sale. Starts Friday and ends Sunday.
Through the donation of one of our members we had a really great location with shade . we had members donate their time to be at the designated location and sell the items that other members donated to us.  Money raise was used to pay for the women’s Expo booth in October and buy 10 boxes of 60 count glue sticks for the wellness fair in the middle of August.   The wellness fair is a yearly event hosted by all the nonprofits and organizations to donate back to the children who can’t afford school supplies. Children attend the event to receive items such as backpacks markers glue sticks and other supplies and information for parents as well.
On October 3 of 2017 we attended the women’s Expo and held a drawing.  Leaders donated  a NEM tank & water bottle , meal prep containers and a protein shaker.  each ticket sold for a dollar or five dollars for six tickets.
Money raise was used for Our no excuse mom Halloween party. And items for the dia de los Muertos  booth at the end of the month.
The dia de los muertos  booth was free of charge as we are nonprofit organization. Most events allow nonprofit organizations to enter the events and host a booth without a charge.  The booth consisted of $2 8oz hot chocolate cups with theextras and   a hot bowl of chili and corn bread for $5.
On December 2nd  we were invited to have a booth at near by town free of charge for nonprofit, our booth consisted of cookie decoration.  A dollar a cookie to decorate. It was a great both for the children which encourage parents to stop by and learn more about our organization.
On December 10th a few NEM members signed up to ring the bell for 1 hr each for the Salvation Army raising funds for our community money stayed in the community to help our area.
On April 3rd 2018 we helped provide left over glue sticks was given out to children attending Go Blue Day ( child abuse awareness event) at our local park.
On June 3rd NEM paid for a mermaid photo shoot for 15 individuals. A just because, feel comfortable in your own skin photo shoot. After we enjoyed the river.
How did these charity efforts bring your NEM community together?
Community events help our members understand what goes on within our community it allows them to see how the community works together and where help is needed. Because of attending these fundraising activities I’ve learned that my community hosts a monthly luncheon with other nonprofit organizations who communicate about needs and wants of our community which has help me understand more of what goes on behind the scenes.
What tips do you have for other leaders who want to organize similar efforts? 
I recommend subscribing to local newspaper and signing up for any subscriptions to events in your community. Our Chamber of Commerce, once subscribed , emails weekly events happening around town and in the future. Don’t be afraid to reach out to members there’s always a few who are willing to do the behind the scenes events and not attend the workouts. Make sure you have a goal in place and allow the members to know what the funds are being raised for they’re more willing to help if it goes back to them.
What are your future fundraising/charity plans?
We are currently preparing for the supplies for 17th annual wellness fair and payment for the booth for the women’s Expo.
Our local Walmart invited us to attend the wellness day and have a booth with information about our organization.  Our next fundraising event will be in August for the hotter than hell sale.
THANK YOU Mayra for being exceptional to the No Excuse Mom movement.
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