The Italian Job: Tom Nicocelli’s Positively Remarkable Story (DC)

Effervescent (adj.) — giving off bubbles; fizzy. Can also mean vivacious and enthusiastic. For our most recent Positivity Award winner, this term is apt. He’s bubbly, he’s vivacious and gosh darn it if he hasn’t told you how much he loves November Project in the past 12 minutes. Folks, without further ado, please enjoy the always effervescent Tom Nicocelli.

How were you introduced to November Project?
I was buying coffee at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom on a Wednesday in early May and I overheard two people in front of me (who now I know are Libby and Kathleen) saying something like, “The workout today was great!” and I noticed that they knew other people behind me and in front of me. I kept my cool pretending I did not hear and I asked my friend the barista at Whole Foods (full disclosure: I work at Whole Foods, but not at this one) what was going on. She said, “Hi, Tom, they are the runners and there are lots of people and they are here every Wednesday!” I was like, “Runners? I am a runner too, let me check what is going on here.”

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