Nutrient-Packed, Easy-To-Make, Kid-Approved Chia Seed Jam!

This chia seed jam is delicious, easy to make, and my kids even love it! An excellent source of vitamins, minerals (including iron and calcium), antioxidants and fibre, and a good source of protein and omega 3s…with a bonus of no preservatives and it tastes great.
– 4 cups fresh or frozen berries (I used 1 bag of Compliments frozen Jumbleberry Blend)
– 4 tbsp (60 ml) pure maple syrup or other sweetener of choice (I used Compliments organic pure maple syrup)
– 2-4 tbsp of chia seeds, which gel up and provide the jelly consistency (I used 4 tbsp to help soak up the water from the frozen berries, and I used Bobs Red Mill chia seeds)
1. In a medium saucepan, combine the berries and maple syrup and bring to a simmer over medium to high heat, stirring frequently. Reduce the heat to med-low and simmer for about 5 minutes. Lightly mash the berries with a potato masher or fork, leaving some whole for texture.
2. Stir in the chia seeds until thoroughly combined and cook, stirring frequently, until the mixture thickens to your desired consistency, or about 15 minutes.
3. Once the jam is thick, remove the pan from the heat and stir. Add sweetener to taste if desired, but not necessary.
Tip: The jam should keep in an airtight container in the fridge for 1-2 weeks and it will thicken even more as it cools.
That’s it! Enjoy! 🙂
Felicia Newell is our Official NEM Nutritionist and has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition, as well as a Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition. For the past several years, Felicia has worked at a university research centre with a focus on food security, food access, and policies relating to food; she has taught university level nutrition courses; and she is currently working at a large chain grocery store helping her community make healthier choices. One of Felicia’s passions is helping others fight through the confusing misinformation that is out there in the ever-changing and growing world of food and nutrition. Another one of her passions lies in working toward a future where everyone has access to enough affordable, healthy, safe and culturally appropriate food, that is produced, processed and distributed in socially, economically and ecologically sustainable ways. Felicia has published a paper in the Canadian Journal of Public Health titled, ‘Is the Minimum Enough: Affordability of a Nutritious Diet for Minimum Wage Earners in Nova Scotia’.
Read more about her on her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram: @felicianewellnutrition. Click here for more NEM experts.

No Excuse Kid Program

No Excuse Kid is a 10-12 week program for Elementary School Kids. Our goal is to educate students on the importance of exercise and nutrition, motivate them to try new fitness activities and stimulate positive friendships and family involvement.
We are seeking committed parent volunteers who would like to be the NEK school coordinator for their local school. Classes are held once a week after school for 10-12 consecutive weeks. At the end of the program there is a celebration run. We are seeking parents who have a passion for health and fitness and/or have a skill/trade in sports, dance, personal training or group classes. For more information, please email us at
We will provide program guidelines, worksheets, waivers, school letters and forms. The first NEK school program was launched earlier this year in Jessup, Maryland by Kate Cole, who is our NEK Program Manager. Kate will be working closely alongside Director, Maria Kang, whose nonprofit middle-school program Tri(y!) Fitness-4-Kids, will closely resemble this effort.
We encourage family participation and coaches who provides free training to our young ones. It takes a village to raise a healthy child. This image was taken earlier this year in our Jessup, Maryland NEK program.
NEK pic 2 NEK pic 4
Children are nurtured to identify their strengths and be empowered by what their bodies are capable of doing. Here young NEK students proudly show off their No Excuse Runner Medal after our Celebration Race Day.
NEK pic
Program Manager Kate Cole leads the troops! She is responsible for our NEK Curriculum, managing NEK coordinators and ensuring everyone is having fun learning about fitness!
NEK pic 3
The NEK program teaches the importance of good nutrition, exercises and most of all – balance! Check out those otter pops! They certainly earned that treat after the run.
NEK shirt
Our NEK dri-fit shirts are now available! Please visit our store here.

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Kate Cole is a former military wife and mother to a 14 year old, 9 year old and 5 year old.
She has been involved with NEM since 2013, first as a participant with the Fort Meade MD group, and then as a leader for Jessup/Columbia MD in 2014. Kate was featured on the cover of the NEM 2015 Fit Mom Calendar. In her free time she loves to read, watch Doctor Who and move furniture around for no apparent reason!  She is active at her children’s school and is the PTA President for this school year.