No Weights? No problem! Grab a Pumpkin!

No Weights? No problem! Grab a Pumpkin! Pueblo West, Colorado’s NEMs Fall Fest shows you how exercise can be fun, festive and FREE.

In May 2014, Jessica Cordova built up the courage to send in an application to be a NEM group leader. This courage came from wanting to empower her 8 year old daughter who, at the the time, was dealing with bullying for the past 10 months. “To see her confidence at an all time low was something that I knew I needed to take control of. Just like many moms, my daughter needed to be around people and other children that were going to build her up, not tear her down. We were able to focus her mind on something exciting, something new. Something that we could do together. I wanted to show her that we could do something positive for our community and set a good example of a strong woman.”

Today, along with her co-leader, Myndee Weber, Jessica’s daughter is proudly a NEM group “assistant manager” and has made new friends who joins them weekly. Most recently they held a Fall Fest, where they met at the heart or their community, a pond, where they meet every Tuesday and Thursday morning in Pueblo West, Colorado.

“After a good stretch we always warm up with two laps around the pond. I encourage moms to bring a jogging stroller if they have one and go at their own pace. The older kiddos also bring their bikes and scooters. Once we are warmed up we do what we call “fit mom cardio” which includes plyometrics such as, squat jumps, jumping lunges and burpees. After cardio, we perform 15 minutes of full body circuit training utilizing body weights, medicine balls or dumb bells from home, then we end with some stretches and core.”

During the workouts, children are encouraged to join or play amongst each other with a bag of toys in the grass. I like to encourage the children to join in with us if they want or we always bring a bag of toys for them to play with on the grass.
Jessica was always an athlete, runner, dancer, cheerleader and fitness enthusiast. She even competed in a figure contest in 2004! She didn’t get her best body though, until AFTER she had three children.

“Since my first pregnancy 8 years ago, I’ve had many ups and downs and it hasn’t been easy. I gained over 45 pounds with each of my babies, and had to start from square one after each just like many other moms. Between pregnancies I remained active but not consistent. After my youngest, I couldn’t even do a pushup, not one. I was discouraged all over again; feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and refusing to look at my reflection in the mirror. I continued to workout at home afraid to step foot again in a gym.

For the next 8 months after my failed pushup, I overcame my weaknesses and kept sight of my goals of being healthy and fit, leaving all excuses behind. And trust me I had many.. One of my biggest was priding myself on being a devoted stay-at-home mother to an 8 year old daughter, 4 year old son and a crazy, around the clock nursing one year old. This meant, no breaks, no me time, eating last, waking up first, running them around here and there and absolutely no supplements, cutting calories or fad diets for the health of my breastfed son. I knew I had to find a balance and set an example for my children, teaching them smart eating choices and an active lifestyle even with a busy schedule.

Today Jessica still remains a devoted mom, just a mom that makes no excuses for her or her family’s health. “I now enjoy my time in the gym with out feeling guilty because it makes me feel better mind, body and soul. I’ve set new goals for myself, have stopped looking at the scale and can now do 50 push-ups without stopping. I have grown a love for sharing new, healthy recipes with my family and the bonus is each of us have all around better energies. Winning!”
After following the No Excuse Philosophy on Maria Kang’s page (and controversy) Jessica finally got the courage in May to send in her application to be a group leader through the NEM website.

“The process was easy and I knew this was something that my community, as well as my family, could truly benefit from. So why not? I wasn’t sure what to expect being that I was your “average” stay-at-home mother without any actual fitness certifications, just a love for health and fitness. Within 24 hours I had an email back saying I would be a great fit. Yay! I was beyond thrilled and was excited for the opportunity. Between the two groups, I have 280 members online in our facebook group pages and consistently have an average of 8 or more moms that attend weekly at both locations. Since becoming established, friendships have formed and the amount of support and respect amongst these amazing women has been tremendous. Even the kiddos have made their buddies that they look forward to playing with at each meet-up!”

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So what are Jessica’s tips for other nervous moms who want to become leaders?
“Don’t be!!! I encourage all fitness levels to come to our meet-ups, and its amazing to see how encouraging and supportive the other members are, especially to our new members. We take into consideration that we do have members that are new to fitness and as a leader I am willing to modify each exercise if needed or jog along side of them with motivating words.
The great thing about this movement is that we are choosing to surround ourselves with like-minded women; women who all have the same goal in mind of bringing health and fitness to their families, starting with themselves. We admire each others efforts and it’s an empowering feeling knowing that you have a new realm of support just by coming to a workout and meeting potentially new friends. When you attend a meet-up, your children are watching you make an effort to a healthier lifestyle.. that should be enough reason to join your local group.. Be the change, challenge yourself, join the movement! I promise you will not regret it.”

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5 Move No Equipment Full Body Circuit!

NEMs! There is truly no excuse for not getting moving when all you need is… NOTHING! Here is my no equipment, no excuses workout! It is composed of 5 moves that will hit your entire body. The first is a wall sit with heel raise. Be sure to stay flat against the wall and get nice and low. The second is a plank jumping jack. This is a very challenging one so to modify, jump with just hands or just feet. Or just work on perfecting that plank. Third is the side oblique crunch with a scissors kick. Here, try and remember to stay on one single plane and hold that crunch statically. If this is too difficult, just work on the crunch. Bend the knees for further modification. Fourth is the tabletop crunch. This one is tough and I do show a modification in the video, however, if the modification I show is not sufficient, put the bum on the ground and perform the cross crunch from there. Lastly is the walkout pushup and single leg dead lift. When leaning down, pull the belly button in and hold your weight in your heel. Perform the push up, and while continuing to keep the core tight, walk back up, using just one leg to return to starting position. Really think about using the hamstring (the back of the leg) of the working leg to help you stand back up. I am one of your two NEM National Fitness Pros, so please feel free to ask me any questions at all! Good luck and good health!

45 minute NEM Group Workout

I see a lot of leaders asking for workout ideas with limited equipment. Here is a 45 minute workout- add a light jog at the start and the finish as a warm up and cool down and end with a good stretch!

45 minute HIIT workout with core.

Warm up with one minute of push up burpees. Don’t forget to do the jump at the top J

:60 toe touches with alternating jackknives *lie on back with legs straight towards ceiling. Reach for the toes as you crunch. Then come back down. Now lower the legs and lift just one up and reach for that foot. Now the other one. Now both feet again. Repeat this pattern.

:60 scissor kicks *on back with hands under bum. Move legs up and down as if they are scissors.

:60 prisoner squats. Nice low squats, hands clasped behind your head. Use some speed here.

:30 Squat pops *start standing, jump squat out to the sides and touch the floor as you squat. Pop back up with legs together. Jump out and touch the floor again. Repeat.

:60 push ups. Complete until failure and then drop to your knees.

:15 Burpee thigh slaps *jump up into a thigh slap (also known as a knee tuck), when you land, come down into a burpee; jump out into a plank, then back up into a thigh slap.

:60 Lateral skater jumps

:60 chair dips with leg kick. Bend right from the elbows and push all the way up

:60 mountain climbers- SPEED.

:60 bridge pulses. Make these hard by putting your feet up on a chair or bend. Left the bum up way off the ground and pulse at the top.

:60 EACH SIDE- side planks with roll under twist

Complete this circuit 3x

No Excuse Mom Home Workout

If you are new to fitness or need an easy, go-to, full body workout, then you can fully inaugurate yourself as a NEM (no excuse mom) after trying NEM Fitness Pro, Vanessa Campos’ 25 minute workout. She warms you up, starts slow, trains your core and engages all parts of your body. This is NOT a train until you vomit video. That’s not we’re about and as Vanessa has said, there are no plank contests in her training style. This is all about form, function and fun. Please visit Vanessa’s YouTube channel for more kick butt videos or train with her LIVE at her PowHow classes (where she really gets to kick your butt!)

50 Tips to becoming a Fit Mother

50 tips to becoming a Fit Mom
by Maria Kang

Staying healthy is a whole different ball game when you’re a mother.  You can forget about keeping a consistent schedule, sleeping eight hours a night and spending two hours at the gym. While the day-to-day physical challenges are one thing, the daily mental challenges are another. Not only do you deal with stretch marks, hormonal fluctuations and pregnancy weight gain, but you have to deal with your insecurities around women who have never had a baby, a sleepless night or a full-on toddler tantrum. I knew becoming a fit mother required me to make extra efforts in creating a successful environment.  After gaining and losing 110lbs for three years after having three kids, three years old and under, here are my 50 top tips to becoming a fit mother.

1.      Breastfeed: it burns tons of calories and contracts your uterus to become smaller.

2.      Create short term goals to keep you motivated.

3.      Measure your progress by inches, clothes and confidence…not just the scale.

4.      Stock up on meal replacements, like protein shakes, if you are too busy to eat.

5.      Drink some tea or coffee for an extra boost of energy.

6.       Journal what you are eating so you get a good idea of your caloric intake.

7.      Only keep healthy foods in your house.

8.      Bring healthy snacks like a protein bar/shake or nuts for quick snacks in your car.

9.      Carry a water bottle everywhere you go.

10.  Workout in the morning before the children wakes up.

11.  State your intentions every morning by creating daily workout and diet goals

12.  Invest in a jogging stroller. (I’ve purchased mine inexpensively on Craigslist)

13.  As soon as your baby is old enough, instill a routine for him/her so your schedule becomes more predictable.

14.  Join a stroller club or No Excuse Mom Fitness group

15.  Perform exercises with your baby like “kiss the baby sit-ups”

16.  Buy workout DVD’s to perform at home.

17.  Jump rope while watching your kids in the backyard or park

18.  Climb on the jungle gym with your kids

19.  Play the Wii instead of video games

20.  Create a mini-home gym complete with some weights, strength bands and a yoga mat

21.  Join a gym with a kids club

22.  Befriend other fit mommies

23.  Find a role model who is a fit mom

24.  Make “workout dates” with your friends

25.  Set a goal like a beach vacation to keep you focused

26.  Hold yourself accountable by telling other people your fitness goals

27.  Workout with your partner for support

28.  Enjoy active recreational activities like hiking and biking

29.  Don’t finish the rest of your child’s food

30.  Start eating more raw foods (fruits and vegetables). It saves on cooking time and is more nutritious.

31.  Eat before attending birthday parties

32.  Avoid eating out (and save yourself from the chaos of bringing kids to the restaurant)

33.  If you eat fast food, always order a salad or grilled chicken sandwich

34.  Eat most of your sandwiches “open-faced” or with just one slice of bread.

35.  Forfeit the bread basket at restaurants and only drink water or unsweetened ice tea (with lemon!)

36.  Eat s-l-o-w-l-y. Allow your body and mind to get satiated by the food your consuming.

37.  Purchase a healthy cook book and try a new recipe every week. If it’s not within budget, follow healthy Facebook pages! There are tons.

38.  Subscribe to an informational fitness magazine or online newsletter (that is often free).

39.  Try out new exercises every week as it will promote change, challenge and avoid boredom.

40.  Perform core exercises three times a week to tighten up your midsection. Here are my favorite AB exercises.

41.  Incorporate both weight training and cardio in your exercise routine

42.  Invest in cute workout clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident

43.  Brush your teeth at 8pm to avoid eating late at night

44.  Create a workout calendar as a visual reminder

45.  Make a personal pact to spend a minimum of 20 minutes a day exercising

46.  Get acquainted with the free workout channels on your television set

47.  Find your favorite workout videos on

48.  Be an active consumer in your local farmer’s market

49.  Plant a vegetable garden with your kids

50.  Focus on becoming a positive role model for your kids


For 12 months of inspiration, tips and workouts, purchase our 2014 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar for $11.99 HERE.

Park Workouts

Park Workouts:

All exercises are completed as a circuit, complete 10-20 repetitions of each exercise, going directly to the next. Complete the circuit 2-5 times.

Level 1 (low impact):

  • Warm up: walk laps around the park (5-10 minutes total)
  • Bench pushups: hands on the back of a bench, feet on the ground
  • Squat
  • Bench crunch: Seated sideways on a bench, feet on the ground, lower back and “crunch” up
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Plank
  • Tricep dips from back of bench


Level 2:

  • Warm up: Jog in place or around the park (5-10 minutes total)
  • Raised pushups: hands on the seat of a bench, feet on the ground
  • Plie Squat
  • Bench ab pull-ins: sit sideways on a bench gripping the edge of the slide with your legs straight out in front of you, pull your legs in and repeat.
  • Side lunges (both sides)
  • Inch worm: From standing, bend over and place hands on the ground. Walk your hands forward to a plank position, walk hands backward towards your feet and return to standing.
  • Tricep dips from seat of bench


Level 3:

  • Warm up: jumping jacks (5-10 minutes total)
  • Narrow bench pushups: hands next to each other on the bench, feet on the ground
  • Step ups onto a bench
  • Bench ab pull-in and lift: Seated on the bench, pull your knees in, raise your hips off of the bench and lower.
  • Around the world lunge (each leg): right side lunge, followed by a front lunge, left side lunge and reverse lunge.
  • Plank up/downs: Starting in a plank position with straight elbow, lower down to elbows one arm at a time and repeat.
  • Reverse plank tricep dips: Lower yourself to the ground and push your belly up with your hands. Bend the elbows while keeping your hips straight.



The “I Don’t Have a Park” equipment-free bodyweight Workout #1

  • Warm up: Jumping jacks
  • Burpees – from standing, squat down and place hands on the floor, kick back feet behind you to a plank position, jump your feet back forward and stand up.
  • Wall Sit – sit against a wall, knees bent to 90 degrees and hold as long as you can.
  • Superman – Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out. Raise your arms and legs off the ground a few inches, hold a few seconds, and then lower
  • Plie Squat
  • Spiderman Pushups: From a plank position, place one hand 6 inches forward and the other 6 inches back, do a pushup. Switch hands and do another pushup. If necessary, do these from your knees.