Join our Campaign to End Excuses in 2019

Are you fed up putting everything else first? Are you ready to start prioritizing your mental, physical, spiritual and financial health? Let’s join together and STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Whether you are held back by time, money, kids, resources, genetics, negative people, lack of friends, etc…YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY WHAT YOUR CHALLENGE IS AND MAKE A GOAL TO OVERCOME IT
These No Excuse Commandments were created with YOU in mind. It’s important to not only tackle small goals first, but reflect and set new goals weekly. As mothers we often put ourselves last, consume easy, processed and high sugar foods. We rely on caffeine because we are always go, Go, GO! THIS vow is to help us stop…STOP allowing children, holidays, school, distractions – all of it, from getting to where we should be going, which is UP.
Let’s raise each other in this next year. Let’s focus on our reasons for living and not the excuses holding us back. Let’s DO THIS.
Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download our 10 No Excuse Commandments, post them on your wall and join a community of women who are focused on keeping each other accountable throughout 2019.
  2. WRITE DOWN THE EXCUSE holding your back. Post it PUBLICLY with your game face and hashtag #noexcusemom and #nomoreexcuses2019 (follow those hashtags so you can see and support others in the journey!)
  3. In one email (not now) send a copy of your public post declaring you will no longer make your excuse with a 500-word story and an after pic (any ONE pic that represents your success) by Dec 28, 2019 for a chance to win $500!
  4. Your public post must be made by Sep 10th. When you send your story and pic to, please include a screenshot of the date it was posted.
  5. You will be judged by a panel of 5 people on:
    – sticking to the rules (must post publicly before Sep 10th, 500-word limit story and 1 after pic)
    – how you overcame challenges and broke your excuses in 2019

    DOWNLOAD No Excuse Commandments HERE

Summer Outdoor Challenge!

Add some silly into your summer workouts by performing these fun exercises every time you see a picnic table, squirrel, gazebo, etc. We suggest you screenshot this fun image to your phone so you are reminded what you will perform once you see any of these items! Don’t forget to tag #noexcusemom and share with your friends, family and community!
DOWNLOAD and PRINT the NEM Scavenger Hunt HERE!!

Tips for your new fitness journey

Starting the fitness journey is hard! Here’s some real advice taken from our private Facebook group from real, every day moms, who have started and overcome the battle!
“There’s no graduation!” – Stacey B.
“You’re going to have days that you go off track. It’s ok. Just get back on track tomorrow” – Sarah M.
”Eating one bad meal doesn’t mean to say screw it the rest of the day. That means you need to eat better the rest of the day and start fresh tomorrow!” – Beki K
“Take pictures at least once a week and take measurements once a month. Drink water (half your body weight in ounces daily). And it’s ok to have a cheat meal…not a cheat weekend.”- Tammy W.
“Do not count on motivation. Motivation doesn’t achieve goals. Habits achieve goals.” – Justine L.
“Fitness is a journey…not a destination. And don’t let the number on the scale define you.” – Terri L.
“Don’t follow any plan you’re not willing to do forever. This is a life long journey.” – Danielle W.
“The first 5 minutes are the hardest to get through when you just don’t feel like working out. Always do it anyways. You’ll never regret the workout you do. You will regret the ones you don’t.” – Elizabeth B.
“Consistency is key!” – Kristina C.
”It’s a journey, a journey that never ends, and quitting will not get you anywhere faster. So advice = No quitting.” – Sandy S.
“Love yourself the entire journey” – Susie J.
“Don’t stop. You’ll fall a million times. Just don’t stop getting back UP.’ – Melissa L.
“Don’t go extreme and be careful about self talk. What you think about, comes about.” – Maria Kang
“Take pictures!” – Kelsey H.
“Try to have patience, you didn’t gain weight overnight don’t expect to lose it overnight.” – Ashley S.
“Trust the process” – Marilyn P.
“Take it one decision, moment, choice at a time. It keeps it from getting overwhelming.” – Stacey D.
“You gotta want it bad enough” – Teresa E.
“Never give up.
Push your limits.
Love yourself” – Laura K.
“Stay away from the scale” – Viktoriya B
“Set small realistic goals, when they are attained it will fuel you to set new goals.”- Colleen H.
“Do not be to tough on yourself it’s a journey.” – Lexy S.
“Have patience.” – Candace J.

FREE Downloadable Fitness Calendar

Download our free No Excuse Mom Calendar HERE.
Tips on how to use it:
1. Print and place on a large poster board.
2. Add Long Term goals on your poster board and short term goals on this printout.
3. Only document when you have completed a workout.
4. Color code (if possible) as we are visual people! For ex., if your favorite color is pink, show pink when you did something hard (like run) and red when you didn’t workout at all.
5. You can add “X’s” to days completed. It is very affirming to see the X marks as it symbolizes progress.
6. Place the Poster Board somewhere you can see every day.
7. Add power words that will keep you focused along with quotes and images that motivate you.
8. Remember, you must USE this in order to see success.
9. There are 5 weeks per page, which allows you to focus on the “post-challenge” and “maintenance” journey before you restart again!

Download the calendar and print 3 pages! 

Asian ChowFun! (Gluten Free Option)

Here’s a very tasty recipe that is also a #glutenfree option! 🙂
Don’t forget – if you have a recipe you would like to share and be FEATURED on our No Excuse Mom website, email me at:


  • (1)  Pack of Rice Noodles (found at any Asian Market)
  • (1lb.) Fliet Mignon (or you can use chicken or sub more veggies for a #vegetarian dish)
  • (1cup)  Oyster Sauce
  • (2)  Sticks of carrots
  • (1)  Sweet Onion
  • (3-4) bunces of Baby Bok Choy
  • Olive Oil
  • Minced Garlic – I like the jar that has the minced chopped garlic because saves me cooking time 😉
  • (2 pats)  Sweet Cream Butter



  • Wash the Baby Bok Choy
  • Peel and slice carrots
  • Peel and slice onions

  • Add Olive oil to skillet on high temperature
  • Separate the rice noodles and place into the skillet with the flat side down


  • Brown both sides to your liking ( I like my noodles extra crispy!)

  • Remove from skillet
  • In same skillet, add a pat of butter and garlic, mix
  • Add in onions and carrots & cook to desired softness
  • In another skillet (or you can remove the onions & carrots and place in a bowl), add (1 tbsp.) olive oil & the Baby Bok Choy (VEGETARIAN OPTION:  you can add other veggies at this step)

  • Next, add a few tablespoons of the oyster sauce (this sauce can be a little salty, so add slowly) and cook to desired softness (remember that this veggie cooks quick!)

  • In skillet, add (2) pats of butter, garlic and the Filet Mignon (or chicken) and drizzle with the oyster sauce
  • Cook to desired meat temperature ( I tend to cook filet medium rare)


  • Once all the ingredients are cooked, COMBINE them all into your biggest skillet and mix together for 2-3 minutes
  • PLATING:  Place some of the rice noodles on a plate, and pour the meal over the noodles – don’t forget to add some of the sauce!  It’s the BEST PART! 🙂

~  Meeshie
NEM Leader San Diego County & NEM Recipe Blogger


Setting yourself up for Success Part 2: Exercise Efficiency

succeedExercising is very often the first thing that people think about when they want to get healthy, and with good reason. Exercising is a key piece of the puzzle that not only can help you lose weight and lose weight faster than if you diet alone, but can improve your blood pressure, decrease your risk of many major diseases, and increase your quality of life, among many other things.
So what is exercise efficiency? Well, being efficient means getting the most out of what you choose to do as exercise. One might ask what ask what makes exercise efficient and I have three answers.

  • The exercise you will actually do. In order for exercise to really “work” for you, you have to be doing something that you enjoy. The fact of the matter is that while initial motivation and best laid intentions may get you to the gym, your motivation will eventually decline. The more that you enjoy whatever exercise you are doing, the more likely you are to do it. This doesn’t mean that you don’t try new things, give certain exercise types a real try before you set it off to the side as something you don’t care for. You have to explore the different exercises to see what you enjoy.
  • The exercise you will do Consistently. Beyond just enjoying your exercise, you have to really have a plan and a purpose behind your exercising. Even if you enjoy your exercise, if you only do it every now and then, it isn’t going to make lasting effects on your body. What I have found to be successful in the beginning is to literally schedule your workouts like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment. This can be a challenge if your days are incredibly different from one another, but most of us have an idea day to day when we are most likely to have time to set aside for exercise.
  • The exercise that Challenges You. This is where most people probably fall into a rut. (As a side not, always consider your food intake if you aren’t seeing results.) The body is an amazing thing. It is able to change quickly and accommodate itself for higher amount of movement or higher amounts of stress. What this means is that you will have to change things up a bit as you continue to exercise, to ensure that your body still gets a challenge. For example, a new exerciser may start walking for health and initially see some weight loss and then it stops, even though they are still walking consistently every day. In order to continue to see progress you can do one of four things. A) Speed up your pace – whether that be power walking or running or a combination of the two, B) add some form of resistance of challenge such as wearing a weighted backpack or walking hills, C) Increase the overall distance, or finally, D) introduce new exercise added to the walking such as weight training, yoga, etc. This principle applies to any exercise. Consider your speed, resistance (or intensity), duration (the amount of time spent exercising), and new challenges.

With all of those basic recommendations, there are other things to consider when choosing what exercise to do to get into shape. You can literally lose weight doing any activity, but some exercises are more likely to burn fat (what you really want) instead of burning fat and muscle (what you don’t want). The more muscle a person has on their body, the more calories they burn just while sitting there.
Many times, the first thing that people think about when exercising is running. While running can absolutely be used to lose weight, it actually is not the most efficient choice, as “steady state” running (running the same speed for long distances) has actually been shown to encourage break down of some muscle mass. Sprinting or interval running, on the other hand, can maintain muscle mass while you still get the effects of fat burning.
Weight training is the best options for building muscle, but it again has to follow the above pattern. Increasing in speed, resistance, duration and challenging your muscles in different ways. Women have been made fun of in the past for choosing light weights instead of heavy ones. Despite what many women might be afraid of, no amount of weight lifting will make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Women who fit into the bodybuilding category of training and competing not only lift a MASSIVE amount of weight, they also supplement with hormones and eat a very specific much higher calorie diet.
Yoga is another thing that many women turn to for getting into shape. I myself am a big advocate for yoga and the positive effects it can have on your body. I started doing yoga as an unhealthy, chubby, unflexible 19-year old and within a very short time of consistent practice, it helped me to be much more flexible, more mindful about my food intake and a little slimmer, too.   The ‘problem’ with yoga is that most people may not get the total results that they want with yoga alone. It will most certainly build long, lean muscle, but it’s capability to shave off the layer of fat over it is less than other options of exercise.
Finally, despite what you choose to do as exercise, there are a lot of studies out there advocating a specific WAY to exercise to get the most out of your workout time. Some of you may have heard of interval training. It takes several forms: High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata training, sprint intervals, and many more. But training in bursts of high energy followed by a lower energy recovery time has been shown to have great effects on fat burning specifically.
Try this the next time you workout:

  • Choose four exercises.
  • Perform one exercise for 20 seconds as fast as you can.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.
  • Progress immediately to the next exercise for 20 seconds and so forth.
  • Repeat this round of exercises four times.

While it is a very quick workout, it will jump start your metabolism and help you to burn more calories after you are done exercising. When choosing your exercises, consider ones that work different body parts, such as: squats, crunches, pushups and supermans.
While I could write on and on about the many options out there, this is the most important take away: Do what you love and do a variety of types of exercise to challenge your body.

How I Stopped Making Excuses

We all have that moment when the rubber meets the road and we have to ask ourselves “How bad do I want this?” Life is funny like that in so many ways, especially in fitness. For me I had to ask myself this question when I entered adulthood and then again after I had my first child. I had to ask myself, “How bad do I want to maintain a healthy body?”
Unfortunately, I come from a long history of obese women. Most of them neglected their health after giving birth to their first child. So, when it was my turn to either “let myself go” or work against the stream to take my body back to a healthy weight; I mentally felt like I was working against history. I knew I had to change my mindset before I could change my body.
I believe most changes begin first with what is inside of us before we can see the alteration take place on the outside. If we can alter how we value our health and make it a high priority, then we will make the necessary changes towards a healthier lifestyle. For me, I realized these three things mattered more to me than the excuses I could come up with:

  1. I want to be healthy so I can enjoy my children and my future grandchildren. I don’t want to be stuck in a Hospital because I gave in too many times to fast food, sodas, and candy. I want to run with my kids, and dance with them as they grow. I never want my health to be a limitation to the activities I can do with them. It’s disappointing when I have to wonder whether or not I can invite my mom to participate in an activity with her grandchildren because of her weight. I don’t want to do that to my children or grandchildren.
  2. I’d rather spend money on vitamins and eating better then on medical bills. I feel like it’s very common for me to receive a phone call about a family member being in the hospital. I always pray for them, but I know that many of these hospital visits could have been avoided if they would have taken better care of their bodies. I don’t want to sound judgmental, I’m not at all perfect. These moments encourage me to take a moment to evaluate my health. Perhaps I can avoid a medical bill in the future, by making an alteration to my eating habits now.
  3. The benefits of a healthy body greatly outweigh my sacrifices. I love to go shopping and everything fits how I want it to. I love it when I feel great in my own skin. I’m so miserable when I eat bad for days or if I haven’t worked out in over 3 days. There are times when it feels like every workout is a huge hurdle I’m trying to get over, but a 30-minute sacrifice of cardio always gives me a longer lasting benefit. I’m a happier mom to my children, wife to my husband, and my body thanks me in return.

These 3 concepts have changed the way I look at my health but perhaps they don’t speak to you the way they do to me. I encourage you to ask yourself, “What matters most to me? How do I value my health? Is my health a high priority?” If you’re stuck in a rut and need to change your mindset of how you value your health, start with exposing yourself to a healthier lifestyle. Start with reading health books and magazines, follow healthy examples on all forms of social media, and hang around friends that make healthier choices. Before you know it, you’ll become more health conscious. Keep in mind not to be too hard on yourself if your progress is slow. It may take some time to renew your mind but even small, multiple steps can collectively make a big difference! Set yourself to be more health conscious!

How to Be Fit in Your Soul, Body and Spirit

Throughout my adult life, I’ve made it a priority to be fit in every area of my life. Of course this is easier said than done. Nonetheless, I’m up for the daily challenge and I’m quite determined! I may not be the skinniest girl on the block or the happiest person every second of the day, but I’ve learned to be content, confident and willing to make changes as needed.
Like many of you, I honestly work hard to maintain an appropriate balance of a healthy spirit, soul and body. Some days I’m victorious and other days I have to pry my body off the floor and encourage myself. Why? Because I matter! The well-being of my body, my spirit and my soul matters! Although it may seem like a million things are added to my plate daily, I’m only given one shot to live this life. I want to keep my entire being healthy, so I may live it to the fullest!
I love this quote I came across, written by the well-known author of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren. He said, “God created it. Jesus died for it. The Spirit lives in it. I’d better take care of it.” If we can understand the value of our spirit, soul and body, I think we would treat it with better care. Often we put ourselves on the back burner until we find our spirit, soul and body so broken, sick or stressed out, we’re paralyzed and of no use to anyone. Then we wonder why we feel the way we do or question how did we allow ourselves to get so beaten. It’s a vicious cycle! We need to come to the place where we are no longer trying to make-up for our losses; but are proactive and living a healthy lifestyle within and out. We need to make the condition of our spirits, souls and bodies a priority! We need to maintain our whole-being! But how? How can we be fit in our spirit, soul, and body?
Your Soul
Our soul is made up of our mind (thoughts), will (desires) and emotions (feelings). If we find ourselves stressed out, an emotional wreck or longing for the wrong things, our soul is in need of attention. There are 5 basic steps we can take that will make the biggest difference in keeping our soul fit.
1. Choose to Be Happy. It really boils down to a choice! Yes, your spouse may have driven you crazy, the kids may be screaming and your house may be in a state of chaos, but all those things are temporary. Think about it! The house may be a mess but you know you’ll get around to cleaning it. The kids may be screaming but one day they’ll grow-up and the house will be quiet. Your spouse got on your last nerve, but you can’t imagine life without them. Hold back the complaining, put a smile on your face and laugh when the upheaval erupts. Why not? Worry, stress and anger will only hurt you. Keep your soul healthy. Avoid all the dangers that come with an unhealthy soul. Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” So, let’s set our minds to be happy! Make it a personal goal. “Today and every day I choose to be happy; and I will not let the temporary little things get in the way of my happiness!”
2. Be Grateful. Having an attitude of gratitude is food for the soul and it feeds happiness to our hearts. Instead of dwelling on the negative, look at the positive. Mulling over our problems will not help us get to our answer faster. In fact, the negativity clouds our judgement and it attracts other pessimistic individuals. Ungratefulness can really put us in a rut! We can truly always, ALWAYS find something to be grateful for. Need a jump-start? Make a list of the things you are thankful for. It will help put life into the proper perspective.
3. Be a Peacemaker. There is no greater killer than strife. It leads to all kinds of corruption and it eats away at every part of your being. Proverbs 19:11 says, “A person’s insight gives him patience, and his virtue is to overlook an offense.” We can easily identify a person of wisdom by how they respond to offenses (Prov 20:3). They know when to disregard another’s remarks or when to respond. This doesn’t mean we’re “punching bags” or “door mats” to be trampled on, it means we don’t need to engage in every dispute. We can always reconcile the conflict at another time when both parties are not agitated. We can work for peace in our mind and avoid the temptation to enter into hate, anger or frustration. Those emotions will only bring decay to our soul and eventual poison to our body and spirit. Keep in mind this proverb: ” A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones” (14:30 nlt).
4. Forgive. Nothing will take a weight off your shoulders like letting go of the person(s) and thing(s) that have hurt you. I know its hard to do but whatever the wrong that was done to you, is not worth being a victim twice. More than likely, the person who hurt you has moved on and you’re still immersed in the pain. Like the saying: “bitterness is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die.” It’s only hurting you! Now forgiveness does not mean to forget, and start trusting the individual immediately, nor does it mean the person is “off the hook”. It simply means you’re letting go of the hurt feelings, and the thoughts of revenge, so your healing can begin. Nothing is worth the cost of your health! Forgive for your health’s sake.
5. Pay it Forward. There’s something special about giving. It’s a beautiful thing! To be in a position to give to someone else. It truly is a “Happiness Boost”! In fact, research by the American Psychological Association states “When it comes to the pursuit of happiness, popular culture encourages a focus on oneself. By contrast, substantial evidence suggests that what consistently makes people happy is focusing pro-socially on others.” I know I’ve been guilty of grabbing a sweet treat in effort to make me happy, but it’s amazing how blessing someone else can give me a lasting joy.
Your Body
1. Drink water. We all know how crucial water is for our bodies. Still we can all use the reminder why it’s so important to drink water: it balances our bodily fluids, it helps control calorie intake, it energizes muscles, helps our skin glow, it improves kidney function, it helps maintain normal bowel movements, it detoxifies the body, it regulates our body temperature, it lubricates our joints and it assists with the delivery of nutrients to the body (provided by New Health Guide). Let’s avoid all the health risks, migraines and the irritability that comes along with the lack of water. Go grab your water bottle and refresh your body!
2. Exercise Regularly. I can’t say how many times I didn’t feel like working out, but I made myself anyways and felt incredible afterwards. There’s something about those endorphins that really put you in a good mood once you get them going. Furthermore, exercise is a remarkable anti-depression drug without all the side effects. Make exercise a priority! You will not be disappointed! Take one day at time, keep a goal in mind and measure your success. Collectively your small steps will become significant steps forward to a healthier you!
3. Know your numbers. To keep our body fit, it’s important we know our numbers: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and BMI (Body Mass Index). Knowing your numbers gives you a starting point in maintaining a healthy body. It will let you know whether or not you need to work on improving your body’s health or maintain it. Don’t be in the dark about the condition of your body’s health.
4. Eat Well. My husband sent me this amazing interview with Tom Brady’s (New England Patriot’s Quarterback) chef. Proving I need a transformation in my mind, I’m thinking if money or calories were not a problem, I’d probably maximize on my carbs! Yet Tom and his family do the opposite, they maximize on their greens! My jaw drops when I think about how many calories this athlete burns and he consistently fuels himself with less than 20% of meat and 80% of vegetables. He doesn’t consume any caffeine, dairy, or fruit. I’m amazed! If we can focus our meals on the fact they’re merely fuel for the functions of our bodily systems, perhaps we would feed our bodies the energy it needs and not the kind that adds no nutritional value.
5. Sleep. When both of my kids are asleep, my husband and I have tried to stay up as long as we could to get some much-needed time together or tasks done. Sadly, it always catches up to us. When we neglect sleep, we neglect the rejuvenation of our bodies. It’s as we sleep our bodies are restoring what we consumed throughout the day. If we sleep deprive our bodies, we hinder the brain from properly preparing for the next day. That is why we are more prone to get sick, make poor choices or even gain weight when we are sleep deficient. Get the rest your body needs. You matter! The tasks can wait another day.
Your Spirit
Our spirit is our innermost part; it is the essence of who we really are. Although we may be judged by what our exterior looks like, our spirit displays our true self. In fact, it’s importance can easily outweigh the body or soul. This proverb puts it into perspective: “The will to live can get you through sickness, but no one can live with a broken spirit. (18:14 ncv). The condition of our spirit carries great weight. Even though we don’t hear much about the spirit of (wo)man in mainstream media or see it in our day-to-day activities, it’s vital to the proper functioning of our body and soul (mind, will and emotions). The question becomes: “How can we properly care for something we cannot see? We turn to the one who made it!
1. Spend Time in the Presence of God. There’s a great peace and a divine rejuvenation that encompasses us when we stand before the presence of our maker. Charles Stanley said, “We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength.” It’s an incredibly beautiful thing, how we transform in His presence. All worry fades away, stress is eliminated and an indescribable peace overtakes you. Isaiah 26:3 says, “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” No doubt we pour into the other areas of our lives when we properly care for our spirit. Here are two ways that take us before God:
1. Thanksgiving and Worship. It is known thanksgiving, praise and worship unto God brings us into his courts (Ps 100:4). Attending a local church service is also a great way to get a spiritual vitamin C boost!
2. Prayer. Instead of immediately turning toward a family member or friend in a moment of chaos, offer up the problem to God in prayer. Let Him be your source of strength (Eph 6:10).
3. Dig into God’s Word. Although basking in the presence of God is wonderful, it’s important to hear from Him as well. One of the best ways is to read what He has said. In the Bible, we can find encouragement, wisdom, strength, teaching and much more. For example: Isaiah 40:13 says, “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” It’s very encouraging to know placing our trust in our Maker can bring us the strength we need to face another day. It’s helpful knowing we are not alone. Get your dose of spiritual fitness by reading God’s word!
4. Share Your Faith. Sharing what you’ve experienced with someone else, is like exercising your body. It helps keep your faith strong and it provides an outlet. Furthermore, there’s an incredible amount of joy that fills your innermost being knowing, you’ve helped someone find an everlasting joy, peace and love in God. You truly become a hero, saving a friend from harshness of this world. Strengthen a friend today and give them a fresh start (Luke 22:32)!
I encourage you today to invest in yourself! Stay fit in your soul, body and spirit. Don’t neglect yourself from living a healthier life! You matter!
Angelita Chavez is a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers and a wife to her husband, Juan for seventeen years. When Angelita is not at NEM workouts/play dates at a park, she’s dancing around with her little ones at home. She loves traveling internationally with her family, sharing the love of Christ with others and planning events inspired by Pinterest. Read more of her blogs on family, faith and motherhood at: It All Began With Two.