Blog Week 2: Meal Planning

Well, it’s half way through the month of January… about 25% of “New Year’s Resolutioners” have already given up. If this is you, jump back in. Falling off the wagon is a part of the journey. It’s not failure unless you stay off the wagon.
Over the last week, as I slowly got my water intake under control, I began to notice the other big problem that I have… my meal planning. But first, let me tell you how it went with the water intake. My initial attempts to increase my water intake were actually falling flat. Later in the week, I picked up three brand new water bottles, 32 ounces each, all with straws. I find it much easier to drink enough water every day when I’m sipping from a straw versus drinking from a glass. It works very well with my job as well, being that I’m on the road all day long. I also decided to add in herbal teas, because of the cold weather I tend to want to drink warm beverages. Generally, I would grab a coffee and add stevia and milk to it. Not a terrible combination, but the added milk is added calories. Drinking tea, I’m much less likely to add anything to it at all. I’m a big fan of completely unsweetened tea. With these two changes to my liquid intake, I had a much more successful Thursday and Friday at least. But it’s a start.
When it comes to meal planning, I didn’t really do too much the first two weeks. As I stepped on the scale this morning, I decided that it’s probably the most important thing I need to do right now. I still lost a half of a pound… and ANYTHING is still progress. But considering how much I have been doing in the gym, (four days this week, Woo Hoo!) I know there is a weak spot and it has always been my eating habits.
Up until now I’ve just been eating better in general and really not paying attention to portion control or planning very much ahead of time. So, first of all, I decided to make a turkey. Yes, a Turkey. Every year after Thanksgiving I buy a turkey when their clearance in throw it in the freezer so I can make it later. Yes, it’s mildly time consuming. But afterwards you have at your fingertips healthy, high quality protein and lots of it. I also found a new recipe that I’d like to try that taste good cold. Being that I don’t have a microwave, this is very important to me. The first recipe that I’m trying is one that I found on for sweet potato salad made with Greek yogurt and tons of veggies. I’ll let you know how they are next week.
I’ve also decided to do what I hate and dread the most… track my food intake. You don’t truly know how well you are doing or what your calorie intake is unless you do. And as I implied, it really is my least favorite thing about getting fit and healthy. But, being that I know from past experience that this is a MAJOR area of weakness for me.. That means that I have to set myself up for success no matter how much I dread calorie counting.
My fitness pal, here I come…