No More Excuses Campaign! (how to join!)

If you resolve RIGHT NOW to drop your excuses, you have already passed the first test in being part of the No More Excuses movement. Many of you have seen the powerful, uplifting and inspiring pictures streaming on Facebook recently and here’s your chance to tell your story in the same motivational voice. CLICK HERE for a DROPBOX of over a hundred images of No More Excuses Photos!


1. Take a fun and powerful picture
2. Post it over THIS TEMPLATE. Here are the PSD and JPEG files
3. Bullet point your excuses, reasons and successes!
4. Include your name (over the url: )
5. For all you photoshop savvy people here’s what you need to know:
Caption Font: Dirty Ego
Bullet point Font: Arial Narrow
Red Color: f62c25
Blue Color: 40a7bf
6. When you post please be encouraging and say words like,
“My reasons are bigger than my Excuses”
“If I can do it, so can you”
7. Hashtag #nomoreexcuses (and #mariakang if you want!) so we can keep tabs of your beautiful photos and possibly share also! And please don’t forget to include so people can find more info about our various No Excuse groups and official book!
8. Lastly, send me an email of the jpeg pic titled you FIRST and LAST name at so I can add to our official Dropbox of campaign images.

How to create a white background? Watch this simple photoshop tutorial HERE>
If you have any questions, please email us at









2016 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar Application

01_front_coverWe highly recommend you purchase the 2014 Calendar for inspiration, motivation and what to expect: Click here to order.

2016 No Excuse Mom Swimsuit Calendar

The Fit Mom Swimsuit calendar has been an annual international search for every day moms with inspirational stories and motivational tips to be healthy and fit. The calendar has been featured on various media outlets including Dr. Oz, Yahoo, Daily Mail, Fox and Friends and countless local stations! We are excited to announce our new search for our 2016 calendar and hope you will join us!

Who: Moms of every age and size. You must be a member of the online No Excuse Mom group.

What: 2015 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar! All proceeds benefit a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Fitness without Borders and building No Excuse Mom groups. All participants will receive their copy for free.

Everyone will be featured on our website,, however, there will only be 24 moms featured in the calendar. The administrators will determine the top 50 to be voted on. Voting will take place on June 5th and will last just ONE day, so please be prepared. The voting process will be announced later.

Criteria for being a ‘featured female’ will be based upon:

20% Creativity. Please provide a high-quality, professional photo that captures your personality and creativity.

40% Fitness Level and Public Appeal. We want to see tasteful pictures of healthy moms of all sizes and shapes. We encourage ‘mommy marks’ i.e. stretchmarks, excess skin, varicose veins, scars, etc. We want to show the world what being a ‘real mom’ who takes care of her health looks like!

10% Participation.
We believe in the importance of serving others in this process to bettering yourself. We take note of those who are highly involved in helping others as a No Excuse Mom member, ambassador, group workout leader or group workout participant.

30% Personal Story. Please share your personal story on how your journey to becoming a fit mom. Be deep and personal. Provide tips and inspiration. (500 word count max)

We would like you to submit TWO photos, one with your children and one without. Please do not ‘over-edit’ these photos. They must be natural-looking. You are welcome to pose however you want (including flexing).

A ‘before photo’ is not required but always recommended for you and for us! We will also have fitness/nutrition/time management tips and quotes (yours) throughout the calendar!

When: Start Date: Feb 1st
Last Day to Join: Feb 28th
Picture Submission Date: May 1st
Monthly Feature Voting Date: May 10th
Announcement of Monthly Features: May 12th

Why: We are challenging YOU to eat clean, exercise and transform yourself alongside hundreds of other moms to be part of our 2016 calendar! What better goal to focus on?

How: Follow the nutrition and fitness guidelines in Maria Kang’s “No Excuse Program” . The program will be published and sold at all local bookstores on March 10th. You can pre-order The No More Excuses Diet on any online retailer and receive a free 60-min Core Workout DVD and Recipe Booklet.

So, set your short term goals, plot your workouts, prepare your meals and make NO EXCUSES every day as you execute your plan. We suggest you create a visual poster board and put all 3 months on the calendar to keep you accountable. Perhaps put photos of your favorite featured moms from the 2014 and 2015 calendar and motivational quotes to keep you motivated.


1. What if I’m pregnant? Stay healthy and active and provide a picture by May 1st.

2. Do I need to be in a swimsuit? Yes. This is a fit mom swimsuit (any kind) calendar.

3. Do I pose with my children?
Highly Encouraged (good luck!) but not required.

4. Is there a submission form?
Yes. Please fill out before cut date on Feb 28th. Please send to:

5. Who do I send my image to?
Please send to

6. Does a professional photographer have to take my photo?
No, but it’s highly recommended. Investing in quality photos is a great motivator. You can find an inexpensive photographer in your area by using most online discount sites (groupon/living social)

7. Is there a criteria for the photos?
You can shoot either indoor or outdoor. Must submit a high quality image with a dpi of 300 resolution. You can choose to wear heels, one piece or two piece – but no workout clothes. We encourage you to purchase the 2015 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar to see the diverse photos used (and be inspired of course!) You can order on our website,

8. Can I submit photos earlier? Yes!

9. How much weight can I realistically lose in 3 months? Weight loss is dependent on your weight. Typically, the heavier you are, the more you will lose. It is safe to say 1-2lbs/week is realistic, however, we recommend you don’t focus on the scale, especially in the first month. Use other scales of progress including body fat, clothes and measurements.

10. Can stepmoms enter? Yes.

11. Can fit moms who don’t have a ‘before’ photo join? Yes. We want to promote healthy, everyday role models and if you have always made health a priority then you should be celebrated!

12. Do I have to be part of a No Excuse workout group in my area?
No. But it is recommended. If there is none, consider creating one. Many of our local groups are initially starting online (since the weather is cold) and have created local Facebook pages for their groups. Please email your regional leader to get started as a group leader. You do NOT have to be part of a group when you submit your application, but if you are part of a group by the end of the challenge, please note that.

13. I was in the 2014 calendar, can I join again? Yes.

14.Will there be a cover model contest? Yes! Our cover will be a contest amongst our local NEM groups. The picture must be taken by a professional photographer and submitted by May 1st. A minimum of 4 mothers is required. The picture can be taken in studio or in natural/outside settings. If you will be submitting pictures, please email your regional for more tips on how to create a cover-worthy image. The cover will be chosen by the executive team. Download the application for the cover here: 2016 No Excuse Mom Swimsuit Cover Calendar Application

15. When do I have to submit my application? Feb 28th. There are no late exceptions. When you submit your final pictures in May, you will need to resubmit your application with additional information with photography release forms.

16. What does the Final Application on May 1st consist of?
Please make sure you send us in ONE email:
– Before and after pictures
– Application
– Photography release forms
Download Model (you) Release HERE: Model Release waiver
Download Photograher’s Release HERE:Photography Release waiver

17. When does the transformation challenge begin? NOW.

ARE YOU READY??? Please download your application 2016 No Excuse Mom Swimsuit Calendar Application and send to
Here are some examples of last year’s winners!

Miss Jan

Miss Mar Miss-May_April-Kinzler

How’s Your Form? #noexcusemomsquats

Lately I’ve been reading about squatting. Everyone wants to have a bigger butt, leaner legs and smaller hips. So I get it – squats are one of the top-rated exercises for improving your lower half. However, when I think of squats, I already think of injuries – why? Because squatting is a mutli-joint exercise that requires you to utilize several muscles to perform. Keep in mind I’m a big fan of strength training, I am pro-squatting, pro-free-weights, pro-iron —–> what I am NOT a fan of, is INJURY.

The problem with injuries is that it can happen easily, especially if you go into this exercise with poor posture. If you have tight chest, shoulders, neck, hip flexor or hamstrings muscles, you probably have bad posture. If you have a weak lower back or even a pot belly, you probably have bad posture. The thing with bad posture is it creates muscle imbalances. When you have imbalance, imposing more weight or challenges to the body will create strain and possible injury. As someone who has worked with people for over fifteen years in the fitness industry I can tell you that only a small percentage of people have very good posture, after all, most of our jobs include a desk and we are often sitting whether it’s driving, watching TV or playing on our ipad!

So in an effort to correct our posture and improve our squats (and therefore our derriere!) Let’s do a Squat Challenge. Please post (in our individual Facebook groups or Instagram) a video of you performing 5 squats. It can be with or without weights. Please film from the side and do the very best you can! We want to see your squats! HASHTAG #noexcusemomsquats to make sure we see it!

Our NEM National Fitness Pro Jules Rosenthal shares with us the PROPER way to perform a squat. Please watch this informative video and post your own so we can help each other get better!


Jules Rosenthal resides in the Boston area — she is a No Excuse mother of two, licensed clinical social worker, avid runner/fitness freak and made her vision come true when she started her own personal training company, Ripped by Jules in 2013. Follow Jules on Facebook here.

Do “the vanessa!” for a FREE year of workouts!

Our NEM National Fitness Pro, Vanessa Campos, has a gift for all No Excuse Moms. Someone kindly donated a years free of online classes and is gifting it to the lucky person who:

– performs “the vanessa workout” and uploads online

– hashtags #vcnfitness and #noexcusemom (on Facebook and Instagram)

– posts why she would like to win the following prizes:a free year of online classes, a signed (by Maria Kang 2015 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar and our brand new NEM car decal!

Join in on the fun! Last date to post your video is January 25th. Winner is announced February 1st!!!

“The Vanessa Workout”
1. Start in a standing position
2. Walk out into a plank
3. Perform one pushup
4. Tap shoulders 4 times
5. Drop to a superman
6. Perform a negative pushup
7. Walk back into standing position
8. Say, “I’m a No Excuse Mom!”



12-week Challenge begins February 8th!

On February 8th we will begin the next 12-week challenge cycle. I decided against a money-pot contest as it is a huge undertaking that I would like to commit to once a year in September (for now). I also noticed a few things from the last challenge that discouraged me.

1. Many people did not complete the challenge.
2. While a personal email was provided, there wasn’t enough engagement.
3. Applicants needed more tools to succeed.

So, in this next challenge I am going to be investing more time and effort in helping all those in succeeding. There will be an online private group page so we can interact, I will provide more guidance and support and you will have not lost $20 should you not complete the 12 week challenge. In joining the challenge, you would’ve gained a tremendous amount of value including  me as your 12-week coach, a Hard Copy or Kindle version of The No More Excuses Diet book, the Core DVD and the Recipe Booklet. Now that The No More Excuses Diet Book is launching March 10th, I can start sharing the program with those who already pre-ordered it. This program has similar NEM rules/guidelines, however, it goes into more detail on how to:

– Calculate your caloric needs and macronutrient profile
– Measure your starting points based on vital stats, fitness level and traditional measurements
– Design your fitness program based on your fitness level
– Determine your postural deficiencies (and fix them)
– Create a plan, an accountability team and prepare for excuses
– Plan for the 3 different stages of success: the S.P.E.E.D., S.T.R.I.V.E. and S.C.O.R.E. stages
– Sustain your motivation throughout the three-month period
– Maintain your success and create an operational plan once you’ve reached the 12-week mark

This book was a labor of love. It took months to write and additional months to edit (with my awesome team at Harmony). It is based off my personal experiences as a past binge and emotional eater – as someone who was once overweight, who understands pregnancy and who is not a paid fitness model. The No More Excuses Diet has been tested on thousands of people and is the catalyst behind the online No Excuse Mom group. When the book is received, you will be provided with home workouts (with pictures) and 224 pages of fitness, personal stories, nutrition and lifestyle tips. When you pre-order, you will also receive tools in helping you succeed such as my 60 minute CORE DVD, which includes 3 home workouts and my exclusive Recipe Booklet filled with my favorite family recipes.

Currently, this book is only offered to residents in the U.S. and Canada. If you are outside of the country, but would like to participate in this challenge, please purchase the DVD and email the receipt to me at

You will receive a downloadable ebook of some of my favorite recipes (all of them will be familiar to anyone who follows My Instagram HERE.)

The DVD is streaming. You are encouraged to perform a 20 minute Core workout, three times a week. These are my actual workouts that I used to develop my core strength and define my AB muscles.The DVD can be purchased HERE.

On pre-sale now, please visit your favorite online retailer. After your purchase please fill out the pre-order form on my website to receive entry to the 12-week challenge and free gifts.

What is Your Story?

Our Facebook Group Co-founder, Lori Hare, gave a beautiful speech about writing your own Life Story. She speaks about graduation, but this applies to any life experience. What are you telling yourself?

1. Find and Pursue your Passion
2. It’s not about Perfection
3. Dare to Dream

Watch her speech HERE.

NEM Overall Winner: Melissa Padilla

It wasn’t an easy task for our NEM panel to come up with ONE overall winner, but somehow, Melissa Padilla’s story of courage, strength, faith and persistence captured our hearts and spirits. She hails from Stockton, CA and is led by her local leader Christina Arroyo. She is a true example of a “no excuse mom” and has inspired women in her community to follow her positive path towards health. Congrats Melissa, you just won $4,465!

Melissa’s Story:
I haven’t had the easiest road in life.

I am 28 and a single mom of a beautiful 9 and 2 year old. I didn’t have the greatest childhood, and as a result I became addicted to drugs as a teen. I wanted something better so I stopped using at 17 years old, and have been clean for 11 years. At 18 I became pregnant and married right away. I thought I would have a “happy ever after” story, but I was wrong. My husband used drugs, and I lived with domestic violence. My daughter was 3 months old when he went to prison for 6 years for domestic violence against me. I did the best  I could working from job to job for 7 years.

In 2012 along came beautiful baby #2. She was a surprise child and unfortunately her father didn’t want to play a role in her life. From that point forward I took on the responsibility for being mom/dad to both of my daughters. I felt defeated and broken. I joined a church and for the last 2 ½ years God has been healing and changing me. I was accepted into low-income housing in the beginning of my pregnancy. During this time I have been a stay at home mom. Somewhere along the way of being mom, cooking, cleaning, and everything else that comes along with it, I forgot about myself. Food became my new friend and comfort. I knew that I was gaining weight but it was like I was blinded or in denial. I thought I would lose weight but I didn’t, I kept gaining. I went from a size 5/7 to 14/16. I would donate all my clothes and have to keep raiding my mother’s closet to find clothes that fit. Family and friends would post pictures of me, and I felt horrified – it was like looking at a stranger!

When I heard about the No Excuse group I was a little skeptical that I would lose weight. After going through the group online and locally, I decided to take a step and join the challenge. I felt completely lost at first, it was like stepping into a whole new world. I would spend 60% of my day going through posts feeling inspired and gaining knowledge from other women. I had to learn that not every day was going to be a fantastic win, and that was ok as long as I made progress. I began seeing success in my progress pictures and changes in my body! My clothes that fit snuggly, started to feel loose. I became daring in how much I could push my body. I surprised myself with exercises I never knew I would be able to do. I realized that unlike past experiences in my life,  this is the one thing I have control over. I don’t make excuses I make efforts. I have shared laughs and gained new friends. This is not the end for me, but the beginning. Thank you!

Read about our No Excuse Mom program HERE or pre-order Maria Kang’s “The No More Excuses Diet” Book HERE.

melissa pics(2)

Overall NEM Leader Winner: Donisa Harris

Our NEM administration team comprises of regional managers, local leaders, industry experts and online admins. Our winner for our Fall 12-week challenge is Donisa Harris! She is a dedicated local leader of Region IV and has won $4,465!

Donisa’s Story:

Wishes do come true and I turned mine into a reality. The first 20 years of my life were spent feeling inadequate, weak and ugly. I use to wish I was skinny and beautiful so other people would like me. I’d question God why he made me this way and sadly many times I acted hateful because I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it. In 1992, my childhood was cut short and I was forced into a refugee camp because of the Bosnian war that tore my country apart.

I went from eating farmed goods and blackberries I found growing wildly to starving for 12 days and clenching for my life in the woods. They found me just in time before it was too late and was lucky enough to receive treatment for suffering malnutrition twice by age 9. For 5 years, our food supply was at the mercy of other people’s hands. Powdered milk and bread was a daily meal. I used to be one of those kids that would stand near the soldiers begging for food and sometimes get lucky and get an orange but other times they’d give us cigarettes instead. We managed to survive long enough for Red Cross to intervene and legally transfer us to America. We arrived to U.S. without a word of English and empty pockets. Lutheran Services provided us with food stamps and we were introduced to the American foods. We started to eat for the first time and couldn’t stop.

Psychologically, I couldn’t stand seeing food go to waste so I’d literally lick my plate. My relationship with food became toxic and it carried into my adulthood. I was an impressionable girl who watched TV commercials and magazines and thought this is what is desired, thin and pretty girl. As years went by I got heavier and remained unhappy but never knew exactly how to help myself. Sadly, It wasn’t until I became a mother that I learned what I’ve missed all those years- my true value. Motherhood gifted me self-love, confidence and wisdom. I still struggled with matching my outer shell with my personality but I had the will power and that’s what kept me searching for answers. Then, I came across NEM group and my life flipped 180 degrees. I started at 199lbs and currently weigh 185lbs. While I lost pounds and inches (15lbs and 17 inches), I gained lasting friendships with moms like me. Through the 12 week challenge I learned to overcome obstacles, to lead and motivate others, persistence and understanding. My biggest motivation came from knowing my kids are watching and telling me “great job mama! You’re doing great!” For me it became more than just losing weight, its about setting an example for my kids how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I have been transformed physically and mentally into a No Excuse Mom and I will never look back again.

Read about our No Excuse Mom program HERE or pre-order Maria Kang’s “The No More Excuses Diet” Book HERE.

Donisa Donisa1 Donisa2

NEM Region 11 Winners: Canada and New Zealand

We have TWO international winners from Region 11, hailing from Canada and New Zealand. This exciting region,covers the globe including the countries of Ireland, Poland, Australia, South Africa and Puerto Rico. Our International regions is led by Leslee-Ann Martell and Paulette Go (who manages Asia). Find a local No Excuse Mom meetup near you by entering your city/state or zipcode HERE

Chantagne Mildenberger of Canada’s story:

Before the 12 Week Challenge I was in a complete slump. I was dealing with a 3 year depression, two toddlers close in age, and was just misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia for over a year. I gained weight from eating my feelings and the unnecessary medication I was on. My marriage was falling apart and I truly hated myself. The 12 week challenge gave me the motivation to start loving me, and that’s exactly what I did.

I started by kicking my soda addiction by replacing the 6-10 cans a day with water. I replaced all processed food with clean eating. It did not just benefit me, but my husband also lost 17lbs just by eating the healthy food I was making. My exercises consisted of cardio 5 times a week, and heavy lifting 3-4 times a week. I am especially proud of my 348lbs leg presses and 180lbs squats!
My journey did not always come easy. Four weeks in, I went to the dentist only to learn that I have an agressive decaying of my teeth, which was caused from the antidepressants I was put on. Fourteen of my teeth would need to be removed, and a few days later I had the first 4 done. For 3 weeks I couldn’t exercise and my eating almost came to a hault. I then began a new weekend job as a coke cola merchandiser; ironic I know. Due to an injured employee, I started doing this full time. My daily schedule included dayhome from 730-430, then work from 430-11pm. My new job consisted of heavy lifting and pulling heavy pallets long distances, so needless to say I was definetely getting a workout. Through this process I earned some rather beautiful bruises. For the 12 Week Challenge I wanted to cover them , but with support of NEM, friends and family I wear them with pride knowing it was from my hard work and dedication that I had to help support my family.
There have been tears and frustration with the obstacles that I have encountered but it made me a stronger and more driven woman. From losing 31 pounds and 25 inches I have proven to myself that I can do it and with no excuses. I have learned to love myself, and in turn my marriage has never been better. And for the first time ever I was able to feel confident in a bikini! Although my family and friends were extremely supportive, my biggest motivator is a good friend of mine, Jeana. She herself has lost a tremendous amount of weight, and to have someone who is so driven and motivated made her the perfect person to keep me accountable.

This 12 week challenge may be over, but my journey isn’t over yet. There are still goals I want to accomplish that I know I will. And how do I know? Because I’m a NO EXCUSE MOM, and proud of it!

chantagne chantagne2 chantange1

Jillian Woolner of New Zealand’s story:

My entry into the 12 week transformation and my introduction to the NEM movement began with a text message from a dear friend of mine. I’d mentioned to her several times over the preceding months that I was feeling flat, tired and that I’d lost my ‘mojo’. She is a great believer in healthy living, clean eating, exercise and a positive frame of mind. I have always envied her amazing outlook on life. She suggested I join the New Zealand NEM group and that there was a 12 week transformation challenge starting.
I went online to see what it involved. I had a strange nervous feeling in my tummy, but there was something else. I felt excited. I hadn’t felt like this in a long time. I am a naturally competitive person, and the idea of a challenge really appealed to me. I have previously been very sporty in my younger years, and longed for that feeling of empowerment and strength that being fit and healthy gives you. I knew I had to do it.

Our NEM group is run by a fantastic lady called Roslyn Ryan (Roz). We meet on Friday and Sunday mornings where Roz donates her time and guides us in a workout at some local stairs. I am now utterly addicted to stair running ( I would never have imagined myself saying that!). The support I have gained from the group has been humbling. From meal ideas, workout tips to sleepless night sympathy, there is always someone to give you the boost you need.

My biggest ‘excuse’ for not working out previously had been not having enough time. Being a stay at home Mum, working part-time, and with a husband that travels for work, it seemed impossible. During the 12 week challenge, I had to get inventive and workout whenever I could. In the first week of the challenge, I bought a 2nd hand double buggy so I could go for walks with my two youngest. I would arrange to meet my oldest son at the park after school and take the double buggy and walk/run as many laps as I could around the park. The best thing was, the little kids loved it! I did online workouts during their nap times, and did strength training while they played outside. Working out is now part of my routine, I love it.
It may have started out as a 12 week challenge, but as I approach the end, I know it’s not the end. This is only the beginning. I’ve got my mojo back!

jillian jillian1

Read about our No Excuse Mom program HERE or pre-order Maria Kang’s “The No More Excuses Diet” Book HERE.

NEM Region 10 Winner: Carrie DiCarlo

Congrats to our Region 10 winner, Carrie DiCarlo, for dedicating 12 weeks towards self-improvement both externally and internally and winning $442! Region ten is led by Sarah Floyd and comprises of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska. Find a local No Excuse Mom meetup near you by entering your city/state or zipcode HERE.
Carrie’s Story:

What a ride this challenge has been! I have learned more about myself I in the last twelve weeks than I ever could have anticipated. I have learned that I can do things I would have never attempted if it hadn’t been for this challenge. I have learned that I have weaknesses. I have learned that I have to live with the intention of being positive every day; that happiness doesn’t just happen, but is something that you create. I have learned how to be more conscious of my words and actions regarding my own body, and therefore, I have learned how to be a better mother. This twelve week challenge has challenged me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have become a better person in all areas of my life because for twelve weeks I have made myself a priority.

I have always been a fairly fit person, but I’ve never felt really good about my body. I have been self-conscious of my body since I was in elementary school and my best friend told me we couldn’t share clothes because I would stretch hers out. As I moved through my adolescent years I was very unsatisfied with my body. I tried different diets with my family including counting calories when I was in middle school. I did not have a family that cultivated a strong positive body image. The women in my life were constantly talking about how much fat they had, pointing out all of their imperfections, and yo-yo dieting. Changing my attitude about my body has been a battle, but I push on because I want to be the best role model I can be for my daughter.

I still struggle every day with body image issues. There is always something wrong! But, this challenge has put me in a position to learn more about my strengths than my weaknesses; more about what I can do than what I cannot do. My goal in this challenge was to cut body fat and build muscle. To achieve my goals I had to balance my family life, my job, and my workouts. I had to make sacrifices to obtain time for it all. As the bread winner I am already out of the home a lot. Sometimes I was able to work out on my lunch break, some nights I had to go after we put our daughter to bed. But this time I wasn’t letting these obstacles become barriers. I made the time for myself, and it felt good. This is when I began to see myself in a different light. This is when I looked in the mirror and became giddy over seeing my muscles and thought, “Hey! I’m strong!”
I have lost six pounds, just under ten inches, and a detrimental self-image. I have gained just under two inches in my arms (gains!), a renewed passion for fitness and nutrition, and the confidence that comes with knowing I am capable of more than I know.

Read about our No Excuse Mom program HERE or pre-order Maria Kang’s “The No More Excuses Diet” Book HERE.