Annual 30-Day Water Challenge 2018 BEGINS!

It is that time of year…when the heat is rising, the sun is glaring and your body needs more fluid! This time, is the best time to focus on your water intake. Not only is water essential for your livelihood, it’s also important for digestion, skin, circulation and energy. If you find yourself drinking too many caffeinated drinks, alcoholic beverages or sodas – then THIS challenge is for you. Firstly, all the drinks mentioned dehydrate your body! When you drink liquids containing alcohol or caffeine, it acts as a diuretic in your system, literally promoting water to leave your system! One of the best things you can do to improve cell health, is to fill it up generously with water!
So let’s focus on water!
In the past we focused on drinking one gallon of water a day (not all at once as it can be life threatening!) One gallon is essentially 128 ounces, which for many who are active or over 200lbs, this is a perfect amount. This time around, we are asking people to just drink half their body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 200lbs, focus on drinking at least 100oz minimum. If you are 150lbs, drink 75koz! You get the equation.
Now, if you want to drink more, go for it. When you are active or outside often, you absolutely need to drink more water. The focus is to make sure you’re hydrated and limit the consumption of calorie-filled beverages. During the summer time it is easy to grab an icee, a cold frappucino or a fruit smoothie. What people don’t realize is that those drinks contain hundreds of calories and too much sugar. Let’s focus on drinking water, cleansing our system and losing some unwanted weight.
If you are joining, post this image below, use the hashtag #nemwaterchallenge and keep in mind that every post equals one raffle ticket. We will pull the winner(s) at the end. Prize TBD! Good Luck and Happy July!
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