5 Move No Equipment Full Body Circuit!

NEMs! There is truly no excuse for not getting moving when all you need is… NOTHING! Here is my no equipment, no excuses workout! It is composed of 5 moves that will hit your entire body. The first is a wall sit with heel raise. Be sure to stay flat against the wall and get nice and low. The second is a plank jumping jack. This is a very challenging one so to modify, jump with just hands or just feet. Or just work on perfecting that plank. Third is the side oblique crunch with a scissors kick. Here, try and remember to stay on one single plane and hold that crunch statically. If this is too difficult, just work on the crunch. Bend the knees for further modification. Fourth is the tabletop crunch. This one is tough and I do show a modification in the video, however, if the modification I show is not sufficient, put the bum on the ground and perform the cross crunch from there. Lastly is the walkout pushup and single leg dead lift. When leaning down, pull the belly button in and hold your weight in your heel. Perform the push up, and while continuing to keep the core tight, walk back up, using just one leg to return to starting position. Really think about using the hamstring (the back of the leg) of the working leg to help you stand back up. I am one of your two NEM National Fitness Pros, so please feel free to ask me any questions at all! Good luck and good health!

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