45 minute NEM Group Workout

I see a lot of leaders asking for workout ideas with limited equipment. Here is a 45 minute workout- add a light jog at the start and the finish as a warm up and cool down and end with a good stretch!

45 minute HIIT workout with core.

Warm up with one minute of push up burpees. Don’t forget to do the jump at the top J

:60 toe touches with alternating jackknives *lie on back with legs straight towards ceiling. Reach for the toes as you crunch. Then come back down. Now lower the legs and lift just one up and reach for that foot. Now the other one. Now both feet again. Repeat this pattern.

:60 scissor kicks *on back with hands under bum. Move legs up and down as if they are scissors.

:60 prisoner squats. Nice low squats, hands clasped behind your head. Use some speed here.

:30 Squat pops *start standing, jump squat out to the sides and touch the floor as you squat. Pop back up with legs together. Jump out and touch the floor again. Repeat.

:60 push ups. Complete until failure and then drop to your knees.

:15 Burpee thigh slaps *jump up into a thigh slap (also known as a knee tuck), when you land, come down into a burpee; jump out into a plank, then back up into a thigh slap.

:60 Lateral skater jumps

:60 chair dips with leg kick. Bend right from the elbows and push all the way up

:60 mountain climbers- SPEED.

:60 bridge pulses. Make these hard by putting your feet up on a chair or bend. Left the bum up way off the ground and pulse at the top.

:60 EACH SIDE- side planks with roll under twist

Complete this circuit 3x

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