40 signs you are a No Excuse Mom.

You had 4 hours of sleep? Big Deal. You work 10-hour shifts? So what!? No sitter, no time, no excuses! When you’re a No Excuse Mom, NOTHING gets in the way of you and your health! If you’re uncertain whether you can join the ranks of being a No Excuse Mom, here are 40 tell-tale signs that you just might be in good company!

1. When you’re doing squats in the kitchen, squats while folding laundry, and push ups & planks with your children on your back – Alanna B.

2. After traveling from coast to coast, living on 3 hrs of sleep and struggling with a sinus infection, you still fit in a workout before the kids wake up. I couldn’t skip on leg day!!! – Kristin B.

3. When it’s your birthday and you don’t eat crap! – Kristin E.

4. When you have to stop your work out to breastfeed! LOL!– Tanja R.

5. Holding a yoga pose and your 1 year old, takes the opportunity to “climb you”…. and you still hold the pose – Stacy M.

6. While doing your workout your little one wants to be carried so you put them on your shoulders and continue with your workout with modifications of course; ) – Billy B.

7. While your toddler sees play equipment, you see impromptu gym (monkey bar pullups anyone?) – Jen R.

8. When your animals start rolling their eyes at you when you exercise. This cat is giving me the “Stop it” look as I’m getting my pole fitness in! haha! – Cilla D.


9. When you have a fish hook to the face yesterday and a tetnus shot today…but still completed my 30 day challenge and took the kids on a 2 mile bike ride ! – Bobbie S.


10. When my kids hear “work out” they think it’s fun!! (and they start playing with their fitness toys!) – Reina D


11. When your 4 year old daughter ends up teaching her gymnastics class. (While improvising) lol – Brigitte J.

12. When you still cook dinner for the family while they help you practice posing for an upcoming competition- Kristina J.


13. When you show up to work looking like you are about to move in! Gym bag, huge lunch cooler, uniforms on a hanger. – Amanda C.

14. When you prioritize your fitness during a move! Meal prep, workout then pack to move – Tai V.


15. When your four year old goes up to complete stranger at a McDonald’s inside Walmart and gives the m an apple and says “this one is better”. I was embarrassed, but proud. – Les A.

16. After coming home from church, you help someone move furniture with your Sunday dress and tennis shoes. My daughter said to me “you’re pretty strong mommy, but those shoes don’t look good with your dress” – Ashleigh F.

17. When you decide to let your 4 year olds take turns hanging onto your back while you squat, then your 8 yr old takes a turn, then your 9 year old takes a turn, and you don’t stop even though you swear you have nothing left in you, and you keep saying “one more” until you break your own record. – Tina C.

18. When it takes an hour to finish a 30 minute workout…(pausing the DVD to tend to my daughters’ bickering!!! But I finished!!!) – Renee M.

19. When your toddler starts working out in the middle of class. Lol – Tanja R.


20. When you wake up at 4am, workout, get ready, pack my munchkins meals/ snacks, my meals, my hubbies meals, get kids ready, go to work, run on lunch breaks, cook dinner, take kids to park, clean house, take baths, spend quality time with partner then….wake up and repeat! – Alyssa E.

21. You note milestones such as baby’s first plank – Jessica J.


22. When your six year old tells her kindergarten teacher the ingredients during snack time are not healthy and she will not eat it! – Anna H

23. When your 7-yr-olds Mother’s Day project is a list of things mommy loves and #1 is “her biceps”. – Jodie C.

24. Running a 5k with my 9yr old daughter while 38 weeks pregnant. (I even ran with a baby stroller for the first two miles!)– Deborah P.


25. When you carry your 28lb toddler on your shoulders during your 6 mile walk because he doesn’t want to walk or be in the stroller. While tough, you don’t mind because it means more resistance! – Patti M.


26. No babysitter? Dog needs a walk? I need my run? I got this. P.S. my dog ended up in the stroller too in the end! – Nicole H.

27. When my kids read the labels to all the food in the house to see how much protein is in it!! – Jeanette B.

28. When you sign up for future races, while you were pregnant. I ran the Spartan military race in Colorado Springs 4 months postpartum and ran a full marathon 5 months postpartum. Now I’m training to be a standup paddle board yoga instructor. – Thai N.


29. When you plank with your 32 pound 2 1/2 year old on your back – Lainie P.


30. When you make your 9 month old join you in your workouts! Never too young to start right? – Krisitna O.


31. When you shoot yourself in the wrist with a nail gun (damn you crown molding) and arm day becomes right arm day. – Oonagh R.


32. When you have no sitter and perform all your workouts while pushing your children in a jogger or while they jump all over you during a home workout! Do we stop no, did we laugh definitely!!! – Jillian W.


33. When your four year old is a yogi! – Julie D.
With beautiful form!


34. When you buy your baby rattle weights! – Stephanie G.

35. When you have multiple diagnosed chronic diseases and your health deteriorates, which leads you to sign up at the gym then soon getting injured after! Regardless of your setbacks and being a mother of an 11 year old YOU NEVER STOP!! You figure out what else you can do. In just 4 months I’ve been in better health than I’ve been throughout my life. And learned that I can still do this….. – Valerie A.

36. When your baby joins you for crunches on the AB lounge. – Kristina J.


37. When you use a jogging stroller instead of a car to put your baby (who loves motion) to sleep. I don’t need car power, I use momma power! – Katherine K.

38. You know you’re a No Excuse Mom when you go to the Gym in a hurry and realize you have grabbed a diaper bag instead of your gym bag – Darlene V.

39. When your kids encourage you to try new things by “come on mom” “it’s easy mom” “you just have to flip over and land mom” they encourage me to think outside of the box for workouts. They also love gym time, it’s considered their alone time as well. I am a full time employee, full time mom, and have a husband who has a plate just as full as mine going to school to become a firefighter and working at full time. – Leticia H.


40. You become part of the No Excuse Mom movement.

Join us here: www.noexcusemom.com

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