2020 No More Excuses Winner: Rosie Rivera

Every year we host the No More Excuses Challenge. It’s meant to transform our mothers physically, spiritually and emotionally in the course of 12 weeks. We are so proud of all the entries this year, as we are ALL winners when we prioritize our health and make great habits that promote positive change.

Congrats to our winner, Rosie Rivera, who journeyed the last 84 days with strength, perseverance, focus and discipline. You have won $500, a Stealth Core Trainer, an X bands package and No Excuse Mom gear!!!!

Here is her story….

The mile markers I have set for myself had to be attainable as well as conducive to my injuries following my accident. I was rear ended and forced under another vehicle’s rear chassis, while at a complete stop on MD-100 W, on my way home from work last summer. I experienced and struggled with depression, severe weight gain and chronic anxiety. While this was taking place in my life, it was more load bearing on my soul and mental capacity to get out of bed, going through the days weeping and crying with disbelief of my current situation at the time. I distanced myself from friends, which is completely out of the ordinary seeing that I am a huge social butterfly and kind person. I was blinded by my current health and mental state that I could not see the support my friends where trying to give me. At this point one of my friends informed me of the NEM’s group in Tanyard Cove, MD and that I should come join them on a walk. Something in me made me get out of bed that day and start that initial walk at the mall. It took a lot of the will that I had lost and did not have at that time to get up and participate! In which I am so blessed and honored that I did, because during this walk I met our amazing woman and coach Grace! She is such a guiding light and inspiration not just to me but our group. She motivated, and encouraged me so much!

After joining the challenge, I was enticed. Throughout these last few months, I have experienced and felt so much growth in myself, which has influenced my family. We all altered our eating habits as a family! My husband and my daughter push me fiercely every day to keep up this new lifestyle. My daughter has lost 30lbs and my husband 34lbs! I’m so grateful to have this new outlook on life and be an encouragement for others as well as myself, while not reverting back to the old me.

It is not easy to get up and make a turn around if there is no motivation. It is the will of God that will get you through this, and in his image this group came into existence. It shined a path for me to follow in order for me to see the better me that my friends and family where tying to get me to see. I am blessed and so thankful for this opportunity, and being accepted with open arms is the greatest feeling when you are facing something in life. I will keep encouraging other women to come and join us. This group is a true-life changer and a wonderful opportunity to meet and fellowship with other women like me. You never what someone is facing until you get out there and give it your all with a complete stranger.