2020 No More Excuses Leader Winners

Congrats to all our leaders who participated in the No More Excuses 2020 Challenge. Everyone who set out to achieve their goals and followed through all 84 days are winners – truly!

One of the core beliefs of our NEM Leaders is that in order to lead others, you must lead yourself. Just like a parent, we must be reminded to prioritize our health despite the ongoing challenges in our lives, especially when leading a community!

All of these leaders exhibit strength, resilience, leadership and faith! First place wins $300, second place wins $200 and third place wins $100!

1st Place Winner: Lenka Zvardonova
Co-Leader: Oscadanica, Czech Republic

I realized that luck is predictable… If you want more of it, you have to catch more chances, be more active and show what is inside of you.
These words engraved to my mind and they are pushing me forward.

My name is Lenka I am 37 years old I have two boys 18 and 5 years olds. I am part of NEM for 3 years. I started at meetups with other moms and kids with our leader Pavla. Last summer I became a co-leader in Oscadnica. I loved exercising since I was a baby and everything that goes with it. I have never been really overweight. During my second pregnancy I started having some lower back pain and it didn’t disappear after the birth. When I couldn’t even sleep I decided to do something about it and started to exercise. I joined the group and it changed my life completely.

I started to exercise regularly, my muscle increased, and the pain disappeared. I can see my priorities changed as well and my thoughts are on different level than before. I even realized there are some positive things in the bad situations that happened. I have two jobs, a big house, three men, a dog and a vegetable garden. I have the more than I can manage! I try to enjoy every free time actively. Because my husband is quite busy with his job, most of the activities I do with my little son are alone. No, I’m not complaining. I believe thanks to taking him with me on activities my son was able to drive a push bike when he was 1.5 years old, when he was 2 he was cycling without safety wheels and at 4 he was able to ski. My older son started to exercise with me 2 years ago when I first joined the pot challenge, and I am really happy that he is looking after himself with and following healthy lifestyle. There is nothing prettier than motivation of others and when you can see the results of them not just at your own home.

I joined the challenge because the time was just right after Christmas, to lose the extra fat, and the vision of better body in April was inspiring. Let’s be truthful without the motivation it’s difficult to start anything. This challenge gave me not just a better and stronger body, that can do even more, then I thought, but I feel healthier, stronger, and better than when I was 20 years old

PS I am finally feeling great that I can wear bra size B instead of D, because I couldn’t jump because of this before!

2nd Place Winner: Shevonne Stills aka Vonnie
Co-Leader: Sacramento, CA

When I first entered the 12 week challenge I was determined to get back on track with my health and lose weight. I was pretty hard on myself during the pot challenge 2019 and once that ended I binge ate all through the holidays. So this time around I wanted to focus more on healthy meals 80% of the time, workouts 5 days a week and allow myself to rest on weekends and as needed.
Over the months I put more of my energy towards our NEM community. Encouraging members to do selfcare once a week, and to move their bodies whether they were at home or outdoors.

Then COVID-19 became a more serious issue than I expected the 2nd week of March and it did change my whole mindset. I was afraid for my daycare business and scared for my family. Every morning I prayed and meditated along with working out to help ease my mind. I knew had to think outside my box. I asked myself how can I challenge myself and keep fighting through adversity? I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Then I realized, I should and could only focus on things that I CAN control. I knew I could control MY health (also the health of my family), and that’s what I did. I became more open minded to share my workouts, daily routine and healthy meals. Not only with the NEM community but also on my personal social media pages. I challenged myself to run 1-2 miles a day and to use a jump rope as a HIIT workout. The things I would have never imagined myself doing in January are now essential additions to my fitness and health journey as I continue to strive through adversity.

As I continue to strive for the best during these difficult times, I will continue to uplift, and support everyone in my community as a mother and Leader for No Excuse Mom!

3rd Place: Amber Thang
Leader: Tracy, CA

Wow! Can hardly believe It’s been 12 weeks, At the beginning of this challenge I was extremely focused on our  #Nemtracy group and its progress! I had big ideas, and was so excited to see them coming to life! The group was so active in the winter months that I was expecting huge turn outs when the weather started to improve! We had events, races and fundraisers all in the works! The group was looking great, My “wheel of life” on the other hand may have been a little off balance. My family and self care may have been….out of focus. Then covid-19….

At first I was in denial, “Im not gonna change anything! This is crazy its gonna blow over!” No school meant no work for a few weeks which sounded like a chance to catch up on life I could use.

Then, “what, no TP? She is beautiful 5/k is canceled, shelves are empty, lines are hours long, what the heck is going on? Now, I’m feeling a little scared and definitely confused! Still determined to ride this out, keep the ladies in the group engaged with LIVE workouts and contests! …then I hit a wall, it seemed to come from out of nowhere and I just felt angry!!… followed by sad and scared all over again! Somewhere around quarantine day 16-18, I felt like I was caving in, it was one thing, then another, finding out this will go on for a minimum of another month, that school was canceled for the year, that my hubby was now unemployed with me, that I couldn’t be there when my grandson is born, That my son who has Autism, who is struggling the most, will likely be back to where we were without the specialized care he needs! I was struggling, he was struggling, my daughter was struggling, the ladies in the group were struggling and everything good seemed to be fading away!!

If I was not a leader, I may have simply accepted defeat, sunk into a depression like many times before and begun undoing all of the work I had put in over time !! But NO, NOT THIS TIME!! My kids needed me, this group of women needed me, I needed me… to be strong, to keep it together, to keep it real and to keep moving! If I gave up and simply stopped movin, stopped making videos, stopped posting and encouraging, what would happen?? I didn’t want to know, the thought literally made me sick to my stomach! So the next phase was naturally acceptance followed by determination. This is not the spring I had hoped for, planned for and looked so forward too, but I will remain committed to my community in this time that they need me the most and I clearly need them! I will change, rewrite and recreate my ideas and find ways to keep members engaged that may require me to think outside the box! I have also come to appreciate this down time with my family and to re-think my priorities a bit. My family is my “reason” and they need to be a priority as well. So as I reflect on the past few months, as hard as this has been, I know in the end this too will only make us stronger and our connection greater! I didn’t feel like I made any physical progress and waited to do my stats and pics last. To my surprise, there has actually been progress, without this challenge, I would have likely missed it, so thank you! 🙂 I guess the lack of french fries and chips at work (Chili’s) may also have helped out a bit!  😉