2020 European Winner!

Congrats to Timea Nagy who won our European No More Excuses Challenge! You did an incredible job in staying focused despite all our challenges in 2020.

Here is her story:

Well! At least I finished the challenge! It was one of my goals! I participated in many challenges, but usually I lost motivation at the end. This time, I had the motivation to work out, but life made this unplanned situation with the virus. I started great, with two of my ladies. We worked out three times a week together in the gym. Than I opened my small studio gym, so we had our own space! Finally I could do some no excuse mom meet ups indoors. I even worked out more, started watch more strictly for my nutrition intake. When the J.LO challenge came up I was in my best shape! (I loved that challenge!) It was great!

Than the corona crack in, and we closed. It was sad, but I reacted quickly and started to do online workouts. First week was great, a little bit hard because my children stayed home. Of course my eating went wild! Chaos everywhere! We didn’t know what the government closes down, or when will we reopen (still don’t know). Being healthy and fit become the last thing in people mind. I wrote pm for many of my members, because I couldn’t see them anymore. It was/is a hard time for most of them. Of course we started to worry about job and money too. To change my whole business to an online business is bigger then I thought! But it’s on the way. I still couldn’t make myself eat right! I keep a good nutrition intake for two days, and cheat. I couldn’t even keep it for one week. Because of the high stress level I crave for sweets. I do work out still, but less passionate, less effective.

Now I made a new time schedule, but it’s feel like I’m going in baby steps. I adapt so slowly, I can’t believe it!

For the end! This challenge was different from all the others! It brought us closer with some ladies, but also lost some people for this hard time (I hope they will be back for offline meet ups). Well the changes in my body didn’t reach the goal I aimed for! But I still got some time till we can go to the beach!”