2019 Region 7 Winner: Colleen Dunn

Congrats to our Region 7 pot challenge winner, Colleen Dunn for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! Region 7 consists of Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma!

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Be Inspired by her story here!

I delivered my 7th baby 10 months ago in January, and developed severe postpartum preeclampsia which ended with a readmission to the hospital in congestive heart failure. Thankfully I recovered rather quickly after being put on medication. I was also at my highest weight I had ever been, both at delivery and postpartum. While there is still no known prevention for preeclampsia, this health drama was a wakeup call for me to work on healthier habits. I have since learned that women who have preeclampsia have double the risk of future stroke and heart disease, and 3-4 times the risk of future hypertension. While I can’t change genetics or my predisposition, I can change the food I am putting into my body and my activity level. There are things I CAN control, and I don’t want to be a victim of my circumstances.

During this challenge I discovered a love for weight lifting. I completed Phase 1 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women program at home. Having 7 kids and homeschooling means going to the gym is not something I’m able to do right now, so being able to lift weights at home and have a plan to follow is perfect for me. I also enjoy long outdoor walks with a little jogging thrown in; most days during the challenge I walked 2-3 miles a day (either with or without the kids). I focused on adding more fruits and veggies to my days, and cut out snacking between meals and after dinner entirely, aside from fruits and vegetables.

I spent most of the challenge dealing with severely low thyroid hormone due to postpartum thyroiditis. There were days I barely had the energy to get out of bed let alone exercise. I had every reason to skip working out and to eat poorly, but I knew if I did that, I would never progress. I tried to find the balance of being gentle with myself on hard days while also striving to be the best version of myself I could.

Most importantly, I realized that I cannot be a slave to the number on the scale, as it’s only one part of my health journey. I lost no weight from October to November but lost almost 3 inches around my waist during that time! If I pay attention to the scale too much, I’m more likely to get discouraged, but if I ignore the number and keep following my plan and plugging away, I’m going to see so many more benefits. The before and after photos and the measurements are what kept me motivated; even when the scale didn’t move, I could see evidence that my stomach was shrinking.

I am so grateful for the confidence this Pot Challenge has instilled in me, and for the guidance in leading a healthier life, not only during these 3 months, but for years to come!