2019 Region 13 Winner: Veronika Sefrana

Congrats to our Region 13 pot challenge winner, Veronika Sefrana for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! Region 13 consists of Europe!

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Be Inspired by her story here!


my name is Veronika. I am mom of two kids (6, 5 years old). 

I hesitated to sign up for this challenge. The fact is that after maternity leave and start of my job I have a bad feeling of having lack of time for family, household, activities, myself. I am still, after two years, looking for ways to get back to my regime and well-being. At the beginning of the challenge, I started a new job and I knew the time rush will be greater.

But the enthusiasm of my friends from the NEM group inspired me and so I went for it.

The first month was euphoric, wonderful. The work is really my dream job (although I still have to learn a lot and graduate). Trips alone with a partner to the mountains, with the whole family … just a month full of action. And I was doing the exercises at home as planned – tabata, HIIT.

In the second month I was running out of energy. The feeling that I could not catch up on everything what I have to do, was even stronger. This also decreased the desire to exercise. I rested for a few days and decided to change the type of my exercises. I started running and a did some weight lifting home from time to time. Before that I preferred home workout type of tabata, HIIT, jump rope and cardio.

In the third month I slowed down and had to shut down because I broke my leg during one beautiful autumn run. At first I thought that I could do some exercises for my abs, my arms, my shoulders on the floor… but the mood went down. I was worried about the new job, my inability to help my partner at home, with my children, shopping, cleaning….

I stopped exercising, unfortunately even the diet was not very ideal.

Now, before the end of the challenge and the end of my sick leave, I realized that I had to relax with demands on myself and my loved ones too.

I can’t have a regime that I had and very much loved on maternity leave. I need to rethink my goals and plans.

Although my transformation or change in the figure will probably not show. I don’t count the disproportion between the left and right leg 🙂 (left calf 32, right 37), but the transformation is happening from inside. I have my new plans and goals. I don’t need to have a perfect household, mood, activities, be perfect in the work or have the perfect figure. I will relax and enjoy mainly my family, my dream job and I will try to find a few days a week for myself to exercise because I enjoy it and need it.

Have a great Christmas time.

Best regards to all of you.

Veronika from Czech Republic.