2019 Region 12 Winner: Annie Henry

Congrats to our Region 12 pot challenge winner, Annie Henry for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! Region 12 consists of Asia and Africa!

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Be Inspired by her story here!

 My fight with body dysmorphia started when I was around 11 years old. I was always considered chubby in my slim Asian family.  It continued to get worse in high school during cheerleading, while working out 2 hours a day and competing in national competitions. The pressure I placed on my body was mentally strict and physically demanding. I never weighed more then 110 lbs at 5’1 but I always saw myself as “chubby”. My relationship with food became terrible and I found myself feeling so guilty every time I ate too much.  Enter the years of trying to battling hating myself and trying to be skinny. I battled these demons for many years and the best thing I ever did was join the military.

      My body was no longer just what the scale said, but it was a powerful machine that could lift and push with the big boys.  I never felt so much love and admiration for my body before.

After having my first child, I entered the world of bikini bodybuilding and again was faced with the demons from my pass. I quit competing in 2017 when I realized I was no longer in a good place with the dysmorphia of my body or my relationship with food.

Depression became an accompanying friend to my body dysmorphia and there I found myself in such a dark place. But after a painfully slow recovery, I found myself working out again for fun and for no other purpose. I smiled again and found myself able to eat pizza without guilt.  Fast forward to 2019, I became pregnant with my second son and had such a healthier pregnancy. I ate and worked out in hopes of an easy delivery and recovery time.

    I was 3 months post partum when the NEM challenge was starting up. Not only did I find a reason to challenge myself, I found a community to help push me along the way. Being in the military I was used to challenging myself physically, but having to fight your body after childbirth is both mentally and emotionally challenging.

With the NEM challenge I found myself being more understanding of my body and patient with the changes. Although I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, I was able to lose one more lb than my pre baby weight 6 months post baby. Not only did I lose the weight fast, I was able to keep up my milk supply and am still successfully breast feeding.

And as I still struggle with a high needs baby, I still plan to workout more while incorporating baby wearing and jogging with the stroller.

My new goals are to continue to eat intuitively and listen to my body. To not only forgive myself but to understand my health is a means to LIVE.