2019 Overall Winner: Taryn Elder

Congrats to our overall pot challenge winner, Taryn Elder, for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge!

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Be Inspired by her story here!

I’d always wanted to have a fit pregnancy, to be that mum capable of anything and inspiring others. But I guess life had other plans. Prior to the birth of my first son, I suffered a miscarriage and my obstetrician wouldn’t allow me to exercise for the first 14 weeks. I returned to training but due to the break it was mild and I had a lot of fear that something would go wrong. I was determined to do things ‘right’ the next time. Fast forward we began trying for our second.  My third pregnancy was an ectopic, which ruptured resulting in emergency surgery and the loss of my fallopian tube. We were staring down the barrel of IVF. More surgeries, hundreds of injections, six embryo transfers and another miscarriage, I was now on my fifth pregnancy. This journey was the most stressful and mentally damaging time in my life. I was emotionally eating, specialists kept stopping my training, I gained a huge amount of weight, had a mainly sedentary pregnancy and completely lost me.

Whilst I’m completely thankful for our beautiful boy, the NEM 12-week challenge could not have come at a better time. I wasn’t going to be silly and waste the newborn stage but I was excited to get me back.

My goals and outcomes for the challenge were:

1.       Lose 5kg – I have lost 8.3kg

2.       10,000 steps 3x a week – Tick until week 9, due to weather I was unable to take the pram out.

3.       30 minutes of movement 5x a week – Tick for all but one week.

4.       Commence swimming lessons – Tick. I chose swimming lessons in order to be safely active with my children.

5.       Park run once a month – This didn’t happen, the heat and timings with breastfeeding I couldn’t make it.

6.       2x weightlifting sessions a week once cleared – Strength sessions commenced a few weeks in and have continued throughout.

The biggest things I learnt came from my fitness pal. It gave me a better understanding of calories, portion control and to be flexible. It made me accountable, even if I ‘slipped up’. Tracking allowed me to acknowledge and move on. I’m now more flexible and confident in my approach to nutrition.

Things that side tracked me mastitis, it was painful and disheartening when you start to get into the groove and then have to stop. With the support of my 12-week challenge online community I rested for the week, then moved forward. I was unable to breastfeed with my first, so breastfeeding itself was a challenge. Balancing life and exercise with demand feeding is difficult I had to be flexible with things and accept what I could and couldn’t do.

Moving forward, I’m yet to meet my goal weight so I’ll continue tracking food and increasing exercise as my body allows. What I appreciate most from the challenge is finding myself again, a body and mind I can be proud of that helps me be more present, happier and a better mother and wife.