2019 No More Excuses Challenge Winner: Gracielle Bennetter

Every year we host a 12 week No More Excuses Challenge and equip our participants with a 200-workout ebook, a 12 week calendar, a challenge tank, workout/nutrition guidelines and a personal consult with Maria Kang. We saw so many incredible transformations – which truly makes so many winners! It was not easy to pick!
This year our 2019 No More Excuses Challenge winner is……Gracielle Bennetter! You have won $500, a stealth core trainer, a Designer Protein package, NEM apparel and the X Bands Exercise Kit!
Her Story!
I do not even know where to begin with my fitness journey these past months. I attended a NEM class for the first time 3 days before my due date. I gave birth 5 days late and didn’t start attending workout classes again until my baby was 3 months old. I started having chest pains two weeks after giving birth, which kept me in and out of the hospital. Due to chest pain, I could not start working out as soon as I wanted to. I gained so much weight while pregnant, since I was on bed rest for 2 and a half months. My pre pregnancy weight was 130 and postpartum weight was 161! I was beyond upset that I had gained so much weight during my pregnancy. I felt as if I had no energy to do anything, I no longer felt pretty, sexy, or most importantly confident. I felt as if I was failing as a mom, I had no energy to stay motivated and better myself physically.
Once I started attending classes, I could not stop thinking that I did not want to be there, due to not being able to do the exercises properly. I remember one day I thought about not going because I was tired and embarrassed of doing burpees. A friend asked me to join the no excuse mom challenge, I decided to join the challenge to hold myself accountable to staying motivated and fit! I also decided to join because I had lost some weight by attending classes and was loving the results. Due to the challenge I started attending classes every single day, I even started challenging myself to slowly become a runner (still in the process).
I remember feeling super lazy and being embarrassed of not lasting long at the workouts. I would feel super ashamed that I couldn’t do what everyone else could. I felt upset at the fact that I had to stop half way through the workout classes because I could no longer push my body to do more. When I joined this challenge I weighed 152 and now I weight 137, my goal was to be at 130 but I am beyond happy with my results, I am most importantly happy that I was able to stay motivated throughout the whole challenge! I am very thankful to all the leaders and friends that helped me each and every day to get to where I am now.
This challenge helped me to commit to eating better everyday. I also became a leader during the challenge, which I love because I get to help and support others by sharing my story and putting together workout classes for them to attend. I just want to express how grateful I am to have found this amazing group, NO EXCUSE MOM, a group where I have found support, motivation and super nice people along the way that would encourage me to keep going and never give up.