2019 Leader Winner: Denise Lalikova

Congrats to our NEM LEADER pot challenge winner, Denisa Lalikova for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! We have over 300 NEM Leaders making a difference throughout our world!

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Be inspired by her story here!

Hello my name is Denisa and I am mom of two boys 5 and 2 years old.

I am currently on parental leave but I am working from home as a makeup artist.

I love to meet new people and support them in healthy lifestyle. I also love baking healthy recipes and trying new ones.

Two years ago I took over a group in our town from our leader who had to move away. I wanted to help women from our city to stay active. I am really happy when I see new moms joining in and see changes in them. More exercising means more health and energy. This gives moms motivation to work on themselves and move forward in their everyday lives and challenges. In our groups we create amazing friendships and we always know how to help each other

I joined the challenge so I could move forward. My goal was to transform my body, make my core and arms stronger. I lost 1.7 kg, 4 centimeters in my waist and 1 on each tights. I’m really happy that I can see the difference on the pictures.

I can wear one size smaller trousers. My goal was to manage regular push up. I can do 5, so I exceeded this goal. I still have some more work to do and I would like to form my butt more.

I started this challenge full of energy. The first two weeks I worked out three or four times a week at home and with our NEMs outside. Then I was sick and I had to take a break but after a week I continued and exercised twice a week. I trained with my body weight and I ate healthy. Due to some health issues I follow the sugar-free diet and I limited white pastry so this really helped. I said to myself I am not giving up. I worked on my endurance but also listen to my body. I can feel I have more energy every day. I tried to spend some time outside every day. In good weather I went with kids on bicycles and even ice-skating. I challenged myself to climb up a tall tree. I could see a difference in my body and I was happier with myself. I started to look after my body better, I added special care with high quality cosmetics, wellness, thermal swimming pools and saunas.

Now when I writing this story I am really happy about myself and I don’t want to lose more weight, I want to gain some muscles. I want to work on my physical condition, endurance because this is how I make myself grow in other parts of my life too. It was amazing to see transformations in other women from around the world. This support and energy is indescribable. I have to work on my English more but this is different challenge. I will continue to reach my goals and to be happier, healthier and stronger.