2019 3rd Place Leader Winner: Laura Meith

Congrats to our Leaders who all did an incredible job in transforming themselves internally and externally these past 12 weeks. All of you are winners and examples of role models in your communities. Our 1st place winner takes home $300, second place receives $200 and third place receives $100!
Congrats to our 3rd place winner: Laura Meith of Alameda, CA! Here is her story:
Thanks to No Excuses and my incredible local group, I have completely transformed my body. Before No excuses, I spent my entire life obese. I was always active and even fit but I was always over 200+ pounds on my short 5’3″ body and it hurt. No Excuses changed my life! I joined here in Alameda early in 2016. My awesome Leader, Liz, saw potential in me even before I did and quickly made me a Leader. I worked out hard and started feeling so much better and stronger. In 2017, I accepted my first challenge to actually consider eating better (drinking less) mixed with the beautiful balance of our cardio work outs. It worked! Now, two years into my journey towards health and fitness I have lost 50 pounds. 50! I’ll continue to dedicate my Friday and Saturday mornings to lead my local NEM work out group as a thanks for the wonderful support and guidance NEM has given me.
This challenge I lost 12 pounds of body fat, 7.5 inches off my body and gained 3.5 pounds of muscle. Today I am weighing in at 157, finally out of the obese category and very much looking forward to continuing my journey alongside my fellow NEM’s forever. My local team has decided to keep our active side page going with the menu, food and motivation because it works! I tell them all the time, no matter where we are in this journey it is hard work. We’re in it together. THANK YOU NO EXCUSE MOM’S! #NoMoreExcuses2019 #NoExcuseMom2019 #NoExcuseMomAlameda

Her two year transformation!