2019 2nd Place Leader Winner: Courtney Morgan

Congrats to our Leaders who all did an incredible job in transforming themselves internally and externally these past 12 weeks. You are truly leading by example! Our winner takes home $300, second place receives $200 and third place receives $100!
Our 2nd Place leader winner is: Courtney Morgan of Whangarei, New Zealand! This her story:
I started this 12 week challenge because I needed help. The last year I have been struggling on my own with post-natal depression.  I finally had had enough and went to the doctor because it was so bad I was thinking of ending my life. The things that kept me going were my 2 gorgeous children.  I opened up to my best friend and she urged me to get help and do something. I started antidepressants a week or two before this challenge started and that gave me just enough motivation to join up.
I knew it would make me feel better but when you are in such a dark place you don’t think like that. So I started exercise again after over a year post baby number 2. The effect on my mental status was almost immediate. I did not cry every day or even think my dark thoughts. I began to have fun with my children again and not snap at the smallest thing like spilt milk.
Apart from the amazing mental benefit that this challenge has given me the physical benefit has been amazing too. I have lost weight and toned up enough to fit back into my pre baby clothes!! This is great motivation to keep going.
The other benefit I have seen in modifying my diet is how my knee has been a lot less painful. This has been great to know I can exercise without my knee hurting all the time.
Overall this challenge has made me be accountable for my family. I have come out of a dark place and into this happy place. My babies can see me laugh and play with them every day now and I know this is what brings us together.
This is just the start of my healing journey and I want to be a more active leader. I will share my story and motivate other mums in my community to be healthier in mind body and spirit.
As a leader of NEM Whangarei I organized a dinner out. This was a great chance to get out and have fun together as mums. We talked about our challenges and rewards that life gives us. I posted 4 workouts a week on our page and got lots of comments from our group. Some say there are new exercises that they are trying which is great!! I shared my vision board with the group to give my mums an idea of what motivates me. We have had lots of mums post on the page their achievements physically and new events that they are entering. I plan on entering a team in The Beast which is a mud run and lots of fun and a great way to do team building.
After 12 weeks this challenge has transformed my mind from saying I can’t do something to I can do anything!! I am so proud of what I have achieved and I will share my journey with all my family and friends.