2018 Region 6 Winner: Carissa Fonseca

Congrats to our Region 6 pot challenge winner, Carissa Fonseca for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! Region 6 consists of Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana! Join our upcoming No More Excuses Challenge starting January 28th and ending on Easter HERE!!! For $50 you will not only receive an email consultation with Maria Kang, a 150 workout ebook, No Excuse Mom tank, 12-week accountability calendar and a fitness/nutrition guide, but you will also get a chance to win $1000 worth of money and prizes.

Congrats to our regional winner! You have $210 extra shopping money this season and we hope you get something extra awesome for yourself! Many of our No Excuse Moms followed our official NEM program, where they used a fitness calendar, logged in their meals, participated online/in-person and overcame their excuses!

Hi! I’m Carissa, mom to 4 year old boy/girl twins and step mom to my 12 year old son. I am a stay at home mom and have been struggling with my identity since the twins turned 2. Redefining who I am with kids is no walk in the park!

I’ve always been slightly bigger since childhood and my family always made it a point to point it out to me at a young age. I finally stopped caring about what they said about/to me and ended up gaining enough to throw me into the morbidly obese range. I used to binge eat and definitely used food to fill in the areas of my life that I did not understand.

For the last 1 and 1/2 years I have tried taking my health a little more seriously, trying many different ways to get the weight off with very little to no success. This has lead me down the path of being a big time yoyo dieter. I have tried 21 day fix (gained weight after two rounds), calorie counted (lost weight but got burnt out on weighing every little piece of food-no workout ), keto (first time I lost weight- no tracking and no workout,  the second time I gained weight-strict tracking and worked out 5X/week). I always ended up stopping any routine 4 to 6 weeks after I stared because I become so discouraged by the scale. So, this time around, I wanted to focus on my non scale victories. I planned to run a 5K in October, make some PR’s (in deadlifting, hip thrusts, bench pressing, and push ups), and take time to care for myself once a month. That could mean a massage, a mani/pedi, a yoga class, just something relaxing and only for me. Sure having the number on the scale move down would be fantastic but in past experiences, it becomes obsessive and ultimately, not healthy for me. I am going to focus on fueling my body with healthy foods (that it’s not reactive to) and look forward to feeling strong, week by week with every workout I do. I’m ready….

And boy was I! This has been one of most successful 12 weeks I have ever had. Not only did I run my first 5K race, I have been able to run a 5K at least once a week since then. I definitely hit some new PR’s AND I managed to make time for ME. I’m feeling stronger and honestly more conscious of food choices. I have recently developed sensitivity to several foods that I have always consumed, which has been such a learning curve but it has been worth it. My body is slowly improving (health wise) and allowing me to be successful with all of the challenges I throw at it. I’m not ready to give up. This challenge just kick started something great in my life and I am beyond ready to continue following this journey.