2018 Region 5 Winner: Jennifer Crotty

Congrats to our Region 5 pot challenge winner, Jennifer Crotty for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! Region 5 consists of Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin! Join our upcoming No More Excuses Challenge starting January 28th and ending on Easter HERE!!! For $50 you will not only receive an email consultation with Maria Kang, a 150 workout ebook, No Excuse Mom tank, 12-week accountability calendar and a fitness/nutrition guide, but you will also get a chance to win $1000 worth of money and prizes.

Congrats to our regional winner! You have $210 extra shopping money this season and we hope you get something extra awesome for yourself! Many of our No Excuse Moms followed our official NEM program, where they used a fitness calendar, logged in their meals, participated online/in-person and overcame their excuses!

Hooray for the completion date!! I have never actually finished a full 90 day challenge before so the sheer fact that I completed this entirely, and really stuck to a plan has me in tears today! I’m so proud of my myself!!
My starting weight was 167 and my goal was simply just to fit back into my clothes again, I was steadily gaining weight, nothing was fitting, I was unhappy with my physical lack of ability and never felt good.

I have dieted before but never really limited carbs and sugars to the extent where I saw any results. Well this challenge I was serious and dedicated myself to the eating plan to a “T”, I worked out 2-3 times a week.

My first week of limiting carbs and sugars and eating really healthy was so hard, but truly the most eye opening part of the experience! In addition to feeling better my migraines stopped, the bloating and constant feeling of needing sugar stopped…I felt clear headed and had energy all day long!! My scale didn’t move hardly at all which was discouraging but I stuck to it because I felt amazing!
The rest of the month was filled with highs and lows and the initial lack of weight loss finally kicked in around week 4, I started noticing my clothes fitting again, a renewed confidence in myself and so proud that I was actually committing to a way of life that felt amazing!!

I never in a million years thought I could cut some of those habits out of my diet, never! I’ve debunked the sugar addiction that has controlled my eating habits for so long, that alone feels incredible.

I’m finishing this challenge today enjoying the best thanksgiving ever, and so proud that I did it! Crying happy tears to announce that I have lost a total of 13 lbs and 18 inches overall!! I’ve dropped a size and a half and can officially go shopping in my closet again!! Yay!!

Thank you all for the continued motivation , without the added motivation of this group I don’t think I would have pushed myself as much to stick with it!!
Here’s to starting the new year with a renewed sense of self!