2018 Region 4 Winner: Frieda Banning

Congrats to our Region 4 pot challenge winner, Frieda Banning for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! Region 4 consists of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi! Join our upcoming No More Excuses Challenge starting January 28th and ending on Easter HERE!!! For $50 you will not only receive an email consultation with Maria Kang, a 150 workout ebook, No Excuse Mom tank, 12-week accountability calendar and a fitness/nutrition guide, but you will also get a chance to win $1000 worth of money and prizes.

Congrats to our regional winner! You have $210 extra shopping money this season and we hope you get something extra awesome for yourself! Many of our No Excuse Moms followed our official NEM program, where they used a fitness calendar, logged in their meals, participated online/in-person and overcame their excuses!
After two years of fear, fear of leaving the couch, fear of leaving the house, fear for our daughter’s life, fear she will be sick and taken to the hospital over and over again, being mad and irritated every day, not having fun, not loving myself, and living the best life, I discovered NEM of Fort Campbell. I quickly learnt that, I needed to be healthy and active in order to take care of our kids Especially our fragile daughter. So I decided to take care of ME! I worked out with my group, I did home exercise, I ate well and joined the 12 weeks challenge. I feel happy, less fear of our daughter getting sick ( there are things we have no control of ), loving myself again, Playing and laughing with my daughters. Gosh, What an amazing feeling. 
I love this quote “Everyone has problems in life. But the most important thing in life is to love yourself”.  You can’t love others more than yourself!! Cheers ? to a healthy happy life. 
Thanks to everyone in the NEM group especially my Fort Campbell group.