2018 Region 1 Winner: Kayla Smith

Congrats to our Region 1 pot challenge winner, Kayla Smith for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! Region 1 consists of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut! Join our upcoming No More Excuses Challenge starting January 28th and ending on Easter HERE!!! For $50 you will not only receive an email consultation with Maria Kang, a 150 workout ebook, No Excuse Mom tank, 12-week accountability calendar and a fitness/nutrition guide, but you will also get a chance to win $1000 worth of money and prizes.

Kayla you have $210 extra shopping money this season and we hope you get something extra awesome for yourself! Many of our No Excuse Moms followed our official NEM program, where they used a fitness calendar, logged in their meals, participated online/in-person and overcame their excuses!
Kayla’s story:
When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, everyone has suggestions and tips on what worked best for them. I listened to them all but built what worked best for me. Between working full time, raising two kids, being a military spouse (to an actively deployed husband), and co-chair of our elementary school parent committee, I HAD to schedule time for myself. My mental and physical well-being depended on it. Plus, I told my husband I would be able to do 20 pushups by the time he returns home from this deployment. These past weeks have been incredibly eye opening in terms of my health journey and what I can commit to if I have a goal in mind.

The first task was becoming very familiar with what I was putting into my body daily. By logging my diet into the app, My Fitness Pal, I was able to better understand where I was failing in terms of my eating habits. Being someone who ate “relatively healthy” to start, I was surprised to see I was dramatically under eating. Once I adjusted, primarily to my protein intake, I immediately felt better. More energy and a better overall feeling in terms of my health. This was hard because I found myself needing to make sperate meals for me and my picky kids. I found weekly meal prep very intimidating but found something that worked for me. I made sure to keep a stockpile of cooked ground turkey/chicken on hand always. It was easy to add sides to an already prepared protein.
As for the workouts, I could not have done it without the support of my Sunday NEM team. I made my plan to “never miss a Sunday”. Having this to kick off my week kept me motivated and engaged. In addition to our NEM meet-up, I incorporated use of my elliptical and body weight exercises on a weekly routine. Additionally, in the passes three weeks, I have been dancing along with online cardio videos.
Finding something fun, that I love has been such a big help. I have used these dance videos as a warm-up or as something to do if I got to a day that I had run out of time.
This journey has been such an amazing experience. I cannot say that I followed the rules 100%, but
honestly, I tried and did what was best for me. I found it important to not restrict myself to a point
where I resented what I was doing. Rather, I tracked it all for accountability. I originally signed-up for
this challenge because I am in a wedding and want to look my best. Though, the past few weeks have been less about how I look and more about the positive feelings I get when I look in the mirror. I may not be able to drop and do 20 pushups, yet, but I am on my way there! And, I have this challenge and the NEMs to thank!