2018 No More Excuses Challenge Winner: Robin Kruse

The word “Challenge”….. Is a noun. Definition 1. A call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc. 2. something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc. I found this on Dictionary.com. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my first challenge I’ve been in, I’ve done fitness challenges before but I’ve never completed them. And I’m not going to lie this is my first time doing a No Excuse Mom Challenge…. this is my second time. And this time I completed it! Before when I have told friends or some family members that I’m doing a 8, 10, or 12 week challenge my response usually aren’t that positive. They are the usual…. Haha really? That’s stupid! You just had a baby ( like 2 years ago ) you don’t need to loose any weight, you’ll shed it soon. You’ve got 4 kids what’s the point, you can’t eat that your on a diet! and etc…. or I’ve been half way through a challenge and I see all of these amazing results and I think to myself. Why am I not seeing results like that, oh she’s going to win what’s the point. All of these negative things stopped me from what I wanted to achieve.
For myself being a wife and a mother of 4 active boys. Sometimes it’s easier to throw in the towel. After having my first 3 boys I didn’t have much trouble bouncing back into my “skinny” jeans. I mean I did have to workout, I wasn’t that Lucky to walk out of the hospital with my favorite pair of pants on and wearing a tight fitting shirt. Trust me after gaining 86lbs with my first child I thought that was the hardest to loose that weight and get back in shape. But I was wrong… after I had my 4th BOY (yes I said boy… and no we were not trying for a girl… I would share a drink with my husband and I would get pregnant..) that was the hardest for me to get my motivation back. When I almost thought to myself , I’m married, I have 4 kids, I just don’t complain. My husband loves me, and my kids are healthy! So after I had my baby that’s when I started my NEM challenge and didn’t complete it. I wasn’t patient with myself.
So I went back to my good ole snacks! I really enjoyed having a bowl of ice cream and then a bowl of chips afterwards in the evenings and enjoying whatever show I was into at the time. And my coffee! Oh boy do I love coffee! Especially with creamer and mochas and those specialty drinks from Starbucks! I was drinking so much coffee and eating unhealthy and maybe only 1-2 glasses of water. And this had went on for a while that I was gaining the weight and the 23inches back on that I had lost from my first NEM challenge. And then the kidney stones… oh girl, let me tell you!!! The first time I started getting those pains I was scared! I didn’t know what what happening until I went to the doctors and then told me I had kidney stones. They prescribed medication to help pass thankfully I didn’t feel them or they dissolved! I got better then, I started drinking more coffee again with all those delicious flavors and less water… then went on for almost a year. That’s when I knew I had to do something.
When I decided to take this Challenge on, I wasn’t to much focused on loosing weight, even though I love fitting in my jeans better now and not having the circulation cutting off on my calf’s while I wear skinny jeans. I  just wanted to get healthy again. I wanted to cut my addiction off sugar and decrease my coffee creamer and Starbucks. And start drinking more water. I wanted my motivation back and be more active instead of sitting around on my phone when I could be outside playing games and making memories with my boys. I didn’t tell anyone except for a couple of my supportive BFF’s. I just started doing it! I set all those excuses aside and I kept myself accountable. I didn’t let other people’s accomplishments stop my from what my goals were. Instead I cheered them on! When I made that big step on sharing my 4 week progress, that’s when my motivation really started. I stated sharing to others what I was doing, Even showing my progress to more friends motivated them to get fit also, and then I started a support workout text with my sisters and keeping them accountable! Then at 10weeks I told my husband what was motivating my to workout, and of course he has been loving the results, but what he is most proud of about me is that I wasn’t eating my massive bowl or chips and ice cream EVERY night before bed and then feeling guilty afterwards. Then he was cheering me on!
For my results, I’ve lost 6lbs. 6in. Off my body and I’ve been eating healthier, drinking more water. Limiting my coffee, cutting sugary drinks and sweets. And feeling stronger and more active, and Decreasing my chances of kidney stones. For me, this is just my beginning! (I want a bikini body now!) So don’t let the word “Challenge” scare you or others put down when you mention that word. Only you can decide what you want to do, they are just mumbles in the background and once they see what you’re succeeding, boy! will their jaws drop and you’ll be their smiling! – Robin Kruse