2018 No More Excuses Challenge 3rd Place: Cristine Rottach

My name is Cristine Rottach and I am mommy to my 3 year old son Emmett and my 10 month old twins Jack and Eloise. My before and after pictures are attached. I have been photo documenting my progress since I had my twins and have lots of transformation Tuesday worthy posts.
Due to bilateral palsy in my quadriceps after the birth of my first child in 2014, I battled with mobility and my health. Not only was I desperate to get my body back, I was learning to walk all over again. A year later I was almost back to normal and struggling with my weight. No Excuse Moms of Alameda and its fierce leader Liz Rodriguez saved me and provided a safe place to grow and test my physical boundaries.
At the end of my second pregnancy in May 2017, I was nine months pregnant with twins and pushing 300lbs. My babies weighed 7 lbs. each and within hours of my cesarean, I knew my recovery would be smoother than with my first.
Three weeks postpartum I was back at NEM Alameda Zumba. I slowly began attending workouts, zumba, runs and exercising at home. Having twin infants and caring for my 3 year old was definitely a huge change for me as I went from working full time to being a stay at home mom. No Excuse Moms kept me grounded and motivated. I continued to exercise and create new habits around food. When I began this challenge, I was 7 months postpartum, weighed 221 pounds and had already lost nearly 75 pounds.
At this time I also returned to my favorite thing in the world, tap dancing.I have begun teaching dance again as I feel more confident in my strength, my ability and my appearance. The Alameda NEM leadership has helped me grow since day one back in 2014. They have given me strength when I had none. They have fostered my love for running when I felt slow. Running has become important in my life, as I have completed more 5ks in 2018 than in the last 4 years. No Excuse Moms have mentored me into a new profession. With the guidance of Laura Meith, I plan to open an in home day care in the fall of 2018.
I was successful in this challenge with the support of my local NEM leaders and fellow challengers. The biggest encouragement came from my husband who saw the hard work I was already doing and encouraged me to enter this challenge to keep me reaching towards my goals. I just kept saying I want to win; I want to weigh less than 200 pounds. I haven’t done that, but pretty close. I am pretty competitive and do not enter something unless I plan to bring my A game. I lost 17 pounds and 17 inches overall. I weighed in at 204 pounds at the conclusion of this challenge. Having accountability and a safe space to post pictures, recipes and struggles is invaluable. The biggest challenges for me during my journey have been the need to see results instantly. I know that I need to eat and fuel my body. I never thought that I would lose weight doing that. I know now that the scale is just a number and that my non-scale victories are priceless. Fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes has been a huge non-scale victory. Having the confidence to get back on stage and perform is another non-scale victory this challenge has gifted me. I hope to inspire other moms to make their own health a priority and to feel confident and comfortable exercising at any level or stage. If I can do this, so can you! No more excuses, I have found my reasons!!