2018 NEM Leader Winner: Pavla Jurasek

Congrats to our NEM Leader from Czech Republic for being one of three NEM Leaders who won our 2018 Pot Leader Challenge! You have $1,050 extra spending money!!! Thank you for inspiring us!

Pavla’s story!

My name is Pavla and I am 36 years old mom of 2 (girl nearly 5 and boy 3 and ¾ years old)

This time last year after 2017 pot-challenge I was in my best shape ever. Strong, fit, healthy. I really was happy with myself. I was so comfortable, I thought I could just keep myself active a few times a week and stay like this.

There was a different plan set for us that arrived unexpectedly.

A few weeks after the challenge our house burnt down and all we knew changed. I am so grateful I was and I am a part of this amazing community. A lot of NEMs helped us to get through this difficult time and I managed to return to my usual self thanks to exercising and our meet-ups.

Our life is not the same, but it is getting better.

When summer started and things slowed down due to the hot weather and kids holidays, I slowed down too. I gained some weight, had some health issues and was recovering from leg injury.

Then this year’s challenge arrived and I was certain I will do my best to finish strong. I am far from perfect and I am not without excuses, but when they arise, I am trying to find a way.

I felt motivated to do this right, eat healthy, workout and I was about to start in a new job in a gym

First 4 weeks were great, I worked hard, ate 80/20 and was thinking this time it goes well.

Unfortunately I hurt my back and I had to take it easier and this threw me off the track. I tried to work through this injury everyday. Slow, low impact exercises, healthy food. It wasn’t easy.

When my back got better I decided to give it a go and try a harder workout, because I thought my body wasn’t changing. Unfortunatelly I made a little mistake that caused me to slip and I pulled my back muscle again. Feeling sad, PMS and worried I won’t be able to workout for the rest of the challenge I nearly gave up.

But I reminded myself I went through worse nearly a year ago so I will finish this.

I started to watch my meals again and continue with the easy exercises, watching my back constantly so I don’t do any more mistakes here.

No I will not give up! – I trusted myself I would do better even without harder trainings. To my surprise teaching 4 hours of yoga and 2 pregnancy workouts a week made difference. I heard people saying I looked like I lost weight, but I didn’t felt that way.

I was really surprised to see my pictures side by side.

I still can not exercise harder, but I am trying everyday and I am grateful for this whole journey that tough me new things about me and my body again.