2018 Leader Winner: Lina Harris

Congrats to our NEM Leader from Fort Meade, Maryland for being one of three NEM Leaders who won our 2018 Pot Leader Challenge! You have $1,050 extra spending money!!! Thank you for inspiring us!
Lina’s Story:
I am 33 years old, married for 15 years, and a mother of 4 handsome boys. My hobbies fitness wise is running and weight training, but life happens and I try to jump back in. My hardest part is the food, eating healthy…I’m always try to eat small portions, more veggies and fruits, no sugar unless it’s wine!  I was struggling with my weight my whole life; giving birth to my baby’s I gained to 200lbs, after my second I lost it all and even more I was 125lbs, during those pass 4 years I gained 20lbs. I was all over the place with my weight and never really settled into the norm. I don’t know when, but at some point in my life it hit me; I had to do something for myself, about myself, to improve myself. So I turned to fitness!.                     
I never thought I would turn into a fitness freak, yet alone a runner. I always wanted to be a runner, but I never put any effort into it during my teen years.  I believe coming to the U.S. and becoming a military wife, and a mother helped motivate me to get into shape and live a healthy lifestyle. My passion for running and fitness grew more and more. No Excuse Moms helped me take my motivation and dedication to the next level, and now I can pass that feeling on to others and share the experience together with other mothers.
I only lost 7lbs in those 12 week pot challenge, I did so well… mid October I received a bad phone call, that my dad is in the hospital, story short; I flew down to Germany, sadly my dad passed away a week after, I lost my motivation for about 3 week, i was depressed it’s the worst feeling, not being there for my family is so hard! I didn’t do no fitness related activity, not eating healthy as I would like.It was hard to get back into it! I knew I had to pick myself up and keep my head high, surround myself with the best motivated ladies, my loved once! A month prior the 12 week challenge, I was gonna give up, this was my 3rd challenge I signed up and never finish and this time I told myself I got this, finish the challenge strong!
So here I am, I am more confident, my goals in the future is to just stay active lifestyle gain muscle, eat rainbows! Run some stress away!
Last week, I were running and i see myself in the reflection in the window, thought to myself it’s just me against myself! Only I can push myself to the limits! I am my own motivation, I can and I will!  It’s never gonna feel easy, or be easy, the best way is to just do it! At the end it will pay off!