2018 3rd Place Winner El Paso, TX NEM Leader: Liz Martinez

Like many of us i started very motivated with the challenge and I started eating clean and following a regular exercise routine using the tools in the challenge handbook. Even if it meant getting up at 5:00am to get my workout in, so the honeymoon stage lasted about 4 weeks!  Way longer than other times after all my motivation throughout is i need to get summer ready.
Then life happened, little by little i started straying away from my goals i started going back to old habits, only to realize the more i didn’t maintain the new habits the more upset i was at myself. However looking back at my before and after from the last NEM leader challenge, I had to really sit and think about where i was and re frame and call my day 1 all over again! As much as I hated that day 1 because it meant I had to start all over, I knew i needed to do it!
So during the last 4 weeks of the challenge I gave it my all!
I surpassed my monthly goal and i refocused. I also have to say that my husband joined me in this journey something I had truly wanted for a long time! I lost a total of 14lbs, I lost inches in one of the most difficult areas my lower belly area and on my arms and legs as well. Down 1 size comfortably and a lot of the bloating has truly decreased. So as this challenge ends i know that my personal challenge is only in the beginning stages it may take a year and it may take several Day1’s all over but one thing i know is that i cant give up and i must persevere on this journey to find the best version of myself as a No Excuse Mom , and as a NEM Leader!