2018 2nd Place Winner NEM Uvalde, TX Leader: Mayra Vasquez

I’m Mayra Vasquez one of the Uvalde TX leaders

I’m a busy 30 years young, certified personal trainer, & Fitness Instructor at our  local community fitness Center. married with 8 years with 3 children: son 9, daughters 6, and 2 years old.

I leaded San Angelo TX for almost 2 years, which was a great learning experience, powerful motivator for accountability and while I made many great mom friends. 

Moved back to my small hometown and started a chapter in Uvalde,Tx. Jan 2016 and had an easier time promoting the group and having many more successful events for family and moms night out. 

I was prepared to have an even better year for 2018. But obstacles in life happen,

I was in a recent fatal car accident, losing my Mother and Aunt on Christmas night. I ended up 10 days in ICU with a c2 , mandible, sternum, 3 ribs, wrist, 2 lumbar and tail bone fracture ; also punctured intestines which required  surgery and Blood transfusions from loss of blood.

Recently home and Recovering from head to toe, I decide the 12 week challenge was a good start to keep me motivated and positive.  I was back to square one physically and mentally.

I was told countless times my healthy lifestyle not only save my life, but my continual movement helped me heal quickly, no Physical Therapy required. The diet with wearing a neck brace 24/7 and fractured mandible and ,with  a scar on half my torso really  had its moments of despair. Loosing 25lbs of muscle weight really had me worried.  It was also hard to comfort my children.

But life continues and one must strive to be stronger than before. Joint movement and balance was what I worked up to. I was released to go back to work and continue what I love in March 20th with no restrictions almost 12 weeks after the accident. I have slowly added working out with minimum core workouts. The 12 weeks kept me going it help me set a goal and follow through.

Despite the physical and mental scaring, being  able to hug my kids after I healed, I haves never been more grateful for my health than at those moments. I remain strong because I have had and continue to have a strong positive support system throughout my family who raised me, friends and the  No Excuse Mom