2017 Region 8 Winner: Victoria Jean

My transformation looks a bit different than most. You see, I’ve never “looked” like I had weight problems. I think people assume I’ve always been thin and never worried about my weight. This is partly true- I’ve always been thin. The part that’s untrue is the fact that I’ve ALWAYS worried about my weight. Growing up I didn’t have many positive role models and somewhere along the road my brain translated skinny = pretty. I didn’t understand how to be healthy or even how to cook for myself, this combination went downhill fast during college. Daily I would eat cookie dough for breakfast and then to “cancel it out” i’d run for 10 miles. This is how I told myself I’d stay skinny. I didn’t know how to nourish my body and I’d go months without eating a proper meal. The things I put in my body were terrible- cookie dough for breakfast, skip lunch everyday and eat more junk for dinner. I didn’t eat vegetables or drink water but I told myself as long as I kept running I’d stay thin. So I ran.
Everyday I’d push myself farther than the day before. At one point I made it my goal to run a half marathon everyday for a week. A week! 13 miles everyday for 7 straight days. I’d give myself ridiculous goals like this often. I didn’t know how bad this was affecting me- I wasn’t putting anything nutritious into my body EVER and demanding 10+ running miles daily. I was obsessed. I was so mean to my body, I really thought I was taking care of it by exercising everyday but I was causing more harm than good and if I were to continue down that road I could have caused some serious long term damage. I finally learned how to eat, I know this sounds silly but I really didn’t know how to nourish myself.
I used to think I knew how to cook but every dish I made was smothered in cheese and swimming in butter, now I cook healthy meals everyday for my family. I weigh 20lbs more than in my “before” picture but I look and feel better. I have a healthy relationship with food and I don’t let myself obsess over exercise anymore. Most importantly I’m happy! I teach my kids the importance of balance. They see me exercise and they love to join in, but we also love to bake cookies. They are well rounded kids who LOVE their veggies! I practice being a positive role model every single day.

I included a “before” picture of me before this challenge, just to show the hard road this transformation has truly been. It’s been a transformation not only of my body but of my mind as well.
“And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend”. It took a long breath and replied “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this”. -Nayyirah Waheed
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