2017 Leader Overall Winners: Laura Harmon and Marley Sewell

Congratulations to Laura Harmon, our No Excuse Mom leader in Ontario, Canada! She has been a committed leader to her group for several years and once co-leaded with Marley Sewell who we also want to acknowledge in this winner post! Laura is sharing $300 of her $2950 prize with Marley! You two are the epitome of leadership, friendship and transformation! If you are interested in becoming a leader, email us at noexcusemoms@gmail.com ! It’s an incredibly rewarding role you play in your community and an awesome way to connect families, build friendships and get/stay healthy.
Laura’s Story:
The 12 week challenge has rekindled the fire I once had with fitness. I have been obese my entire life, topping out around 320lbs. Nearly seven years ago (March 2011) I began my journey when I was having difficulties getting pregnant and knew my weight was likely a huge factor. After dropping 100lbs+ from my highest weight, I was blessed with my first daughter.  Fast-forward to 2017, 3 little girls later, I found myself having gained back just about every pound I lost. I decided I needed to make myself a priority. I started eating better, but physical fitness always fell on the back burner.  As a local leader, I felt like I was failing my ladies. How can I lead when I can’t take care of myself?
I set forth a few simple goals for the challenge.  Drinking more water, pulling out my old wardrobe, losing 20-30lbs, start working out 5-6 days a week and to start running again.  I am thrilled that I was able to meet all these goals I have set for myself.  But I have learned my more in the process.
I have reconnected with friends, and made some amazing new ones who are some of my biggest cheerleaders along the way.  We help keep each other motivated and accountable.  One of my long term goals was running 5k non-stop.  I have tried numerous times to complete the training and always fell short.  With these amazing women by my side, we all have completed the training and have our first 5k race coming up in December.
I have learned to forgive myself – that no one is perfect.  I have been angry with myself for a long time because of the weight I had gained back.  I cannot change what happened, and my girls are worth every pound – I just had to pick myself up and get back on track. I have learned the scale can sometimes be your enemy – and photos and measurements really reflect the best of it. I have learned one little cheat won’t ruin me – as long as I get back on course.
This challenge has shown me that I can be a good leader – that I can motivate people to start their journey.  I have now lost almost all the weight I gained back during my pregnancies and cannot wait to meet my weight loss goals.

Here is Marley Sewell’s story.
It was around the age of 7 I noticed I was on the heavier side and it stayed with me. I’ve always been overweight and felt unwanted because of it. Food has always been there for me, resulting in an endless cycle of me eating more and more, to me getting bigger and bigger. I was a high school dropout at 16 and got involved with drugs and alcohol. I swapped out food for drugs and dropped 100lbs from 17-21 due to using. At 21, I entered rehab and became clean. I had a new life and was happy. I found out I was pregnant a year later and ballooned up again. Since having my girl, I have had a rollercoaster journey. I would work out hard and restrict so much food, I’d give up and binge eat. In 2016, I switched positions at my job. I needed to lose the weight, again. I exercised, ate better and lost 100lbs.
I was feeling great physically. Mentally, I couldn’t handle my new position and had a breakdown. I couldn’t stay in a job I hated so I decided on pursuing school. When I made the decision to go to school, I couldn’t focus on life for fear of the future. I suffered anxiety attacks and depression.  I started turning to food again to stay calm. I’d binge eat, sneak food and I gained 47lbs. There I was, spiraling out of control again. I’d be miserable if I didn’t have a stash of goodies hidden somewhere. School was fast approaching and I was so ashamed that I let myself fall into this rut.
I saw NEM was putting on the challenge. I contemplated a bit before joining, figuring it would be just another failed attempt. Nope. I stuck with it every day. Things got tough when my school went on strike. I wanted to eat everything because it was devastating. Instead of making excuses and drowning myself in ice cream, I used it as a reason to add running to my regimen.  I have worked out every day and challenged myself. I’m proud of the progress I have made and in places that I never considered. Going to the park with my daughter and playing on the climbers! I’m glad  I had her record me along the way so I had proof of how much I’ve grown. I love setting an example by remaining focused. I’m embracing every obstacle that comes my way because it’s those challenges that are shaping me into this new-found spirit. I strive for progress everyday no matter how small. I achieve amazing things when I set my mind to it and I love that I have so much dedication. I’m taking care of myself because I am worth it. I’m worth fighting for and I deserve health and happiness. It’s up to me to shape me and I will continue.  Thanks, NEM.

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Our No Excuse Moms followed our official NEM program, where they used a fitness calendar, logged in their meals, participated online/in-person and overcame their excuses!
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