2016 Swimsuit Calendar Moms are….

This year we had an incredible group of ladies enter. Each year we receive applications from No Excuse Moms in May for our upcoming calendar. We include their stories, workouts, recipes, and compile a professional 26-page calendar filled with inspiration, motivation and No Excuses! Our calendar has been featured on Yahoo, Fox and Friends, HLN, Daily Mail, Dr. Oz and various local media stations, magazines and newspapers. All proceeds benefit our 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Please pre-order the 2016 Calendar HERE! It is forecasted to be ready for shipment by October 2015.

Next year’s calendar moms are as follows (in random order):

1. Kate Hardman
2. Miravone Dorough
3. Dynae Saba
4. Samantha Alexandar
5. Jessica Cordova
6. Belinda Centeno
7. Stephanie Navarro
8. Laura Gettman
9. Jasmyne Boyd
10. Barbara Clement
11. Therese Atwell
12. Jolynne Carlson

Their images were judged by an open No Excuse Mom panel. Good job to all who participated. You did an amazing job! We will not be sharing large file images of our calendar moms until the final calendar comes out in just a few months. Please pre-order your calendar here!

This year’s calendar!

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