2016 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar Application

01_front_coverWe highly recommend you purchase the 2014 Calendar for inspiration, motivation and what to expect: Click here to order.

2016 No Excuse Mom Swimsuit Calendar

The Fit Mom Swimsuit calendar has been an annual international search for every day moms with inspirational stories and motivational tips to be healthy and fit. The calendar has been featured on various media outlets including Dr. Oz, Yahoo, Daily Mail, Fox and Friends and countless local stations! We are excited to announce our new search for our 2016 calendar and hope you will join us!

Who: Moms of every age and size. You must be a member of the online No Excuse Mom group.

What: 2015 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar! All proceeds benefit a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Fitness without Borders and building No Excuse Mom groups. All participants will receive their copy for free.

Everyone will be featured on our website, www.noexcusemom.com, however, there will only be 24 moms featured in the calendar. The administrators will determine the top 50 to be voted on. Voting will take place on June 5th and will last just ONE day, so please be prepared. The voting process will be announced later.

Criteria for being a ‘featured female’ will be based upon:

20% Creativity. Please provide a high-quality, professional photo that captures your personality and creativity.

40% Fitness Level and Public Appeal. We want to see tasteful pictures of healthy moms of all sizes and shapes. We encourage ‘mommy marks’ i.e. stretchmarks, excess skin, varicose veins, scars, etc. We want to show the world what being a ‘real mom’ who takes care of her health looks like!

10% Participation.
We believe in the importance of serving others in this process to bettering yourself. We take note of those who are highly involved in helping others as a No Excuse Mom member, ambassador, group workout leader or group workout participant.

30% Personal Story. Please share your personal story on how your journey to becoming a fit mom. Be deep and personal. Provide tips and inspiration. (500 word count max)

We would like you to submit TWO photos, one with your children and one without. Please do not ‘over-edit’ these photos. They must be natural-looking. You are welcome to pose however you want (including flexing).

A ‘before photo’ is not required but always recommended for you and for us! We will also have fitness/nutrition/time management tips and quotes (yours) throughout the calendar!

When: Start Date: Feb 1st
Last Day to Join: Feb 28th
Picture Submission Date: May 1st
Monthly Feature Voting Date: May 10th
Announcement of Monthly Features: May 12th

Why: We are challenging YOU to eat clean, exercise and transform yourself alongside hundreds of other moms to be part of our 2016 calendar! What better goal to focus on?

How: Follow the nutrition and fitness guidelines in Maria Kang’s “No Excuse Program” . The program will be published and sold at all local bookstores on March 10th. You can pre-order The No More Excuses Diet on any online retailer and receive a free 60-min Core Workout DVD and Recipe Booklet.

So, set your short term goals, plot your workouts, prepare your meals and make NO EXCUSES every day as you execute your plan. We suggest you create a visual poster board and put all 3 months on the calendar to keep you accountable. Perhaps put photos of your favorite featured moms from the 2014 and 2015 calendar and motivational quotes to keep you motivated.


1. What if I’m pregnant? Stay healthy and active and provide a picture by May 1st.

2. Do I need to be in a swimsuit? Yes. This is a fit mom swimsuit (any kind) calendar.

3. Do I pose with my children?
Highly Encouraged (good luck!) but not required.

4. Is there a submission form?
Yes. Please fill out before cut date on Feb 28th. Please send to: noexcusemoms@gmail.com

5. Who do I send my image to?
Please send to noexcusemoms@gmail.com

6. Does a professional photographer have to take my photo?
No, but it’s highly recommended. Investing in quality photos is a great motivator. You can find an inexpensive photographer in your area by using most online discount sites (groupon/living social)

7. Is there a criteria for the photos?
You can shoot either indoor or outdoor. Must submit a high quality image with a dpi of 300 resolution. You can choose to wear heels, one piece or two piece – but no workout clothes. We encourage you to purchase the 2015 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar to see the diverse photos used (and be inspired of course!) You can order on our website, www.noexcusemom.com

8. Can I submit photos earlier? Yes!

9. How much weight can I realistically lose in 3 months? Weight loss is dependent on your weight. Typically, the heavier you are, the more you will lose. It is safe to say 1-2lbs/week is realistic, however, we recommend you don’t focus on the scale, especially in the first month. Use other scales of progress including body fat, clothes and measurements.

10. Can stepmoms enter? Yes.

11. Can fit moms who don’t have a ‘before’ photo join? Yes. We want to promote healthy, everyday role models and if you have always made health a priority then you should be celebrated!

12. Do I have to be part of a No Excuse workout group in my area?
No. But it is recommended. If there is none, consider creating one. Many of our local groups are initially starting online (since the weather is cold) and have created local Facebook pages for their groups. Please email your regional leader to get started as a group leader. You do NOT have to be part of a group when you submit your application, but if you are part of a group by the end of the challenge, please note that.

13. I was in the 2014 calendar, can I join again? Yes.

14.Will there be a cover model contest? Yes! Our cover will be a contest amongst our local NEM groups. The picture must be taken by a professional photographer and submitted by May 1st. A minimum of 4 mothers is required. The picture can be taken in studio or in natural/outside settings. If you will be submitting pictures, please email your regional for more tips on how to create a cover-worthy image. The cover will be chosen by the executive team. Download the application for the cover here: 2016 No Excuse Mom Swimsuit Cover Calendar Application

15. When do I have to submit my application? Feb 28th. There are no late exceptions. When you submit your final pictures in May, you will need to resubmit your application with additional information with photography release forms.

16. What does the Final Application on May 1st consist of?
Please make sure you send us in ONE email:
– Before and after pictures
– Application
– Photography release forms
Download Model (you) Release HERE: Model Release waiver
Download Photograher’s Release HERE:Photography Release waiver

17. When does the transformation challenge begin? NOW.

ARE YOU READY??? Please download your application 2016 No Excuse Mom Swimsuit Calendar Application and send to noexcusemoms@gmail.com
Here are some examples of last year’s winners!

Miss Jan

Miss Mar Miss-May_April-Kinzler

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