12-week Transformation FAQ’s

Are you on edge about challenging yourself these next 12 weeks? Here are frequently asked questions that will alleviate some of your concerns! JOIN the contest HERE>

1. I don’t want to lose weight, can I still join?
Yes. This is a transformation contest! That includes all forms of transformations!

2. How do I find a local No Excuse Mom group near me?
Simply type in your zipcode on the locations page and find your nearest one here.
If you are having trouble finding a leader, please contact your regional manager here.

3. If I don’t have a local group, can I still participate?
If you don’t have a local group, you can either create your own (if there is no one next to you) or join the closest group either online or in person. The reason why this is required is to align you with positive people and create lasting, healthy friendships.

4. I live internationally, can I still join?
Yes. We have several international groups including the UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, China, New Zealand, France, etc. Please contact your international managers to get connected!

5. I’m still breastfeeding, can I still join?
Yes. We have many nursing moms who are able to eat healthy, incorporate exercise and not lose their milk supply!

6. Do I need to follow all the Rules? I like cream in my coffee.
There is no way for us to ensure you are following the rules, what we provided are guidelines to help you transform the most effectively.

7. So…I don’t have to count calories?
NO. It is recommended but not required.

8. I take a protein shake, can I still join?

9. How do you define Detox?
We don’t recommend any program that allows less than 1200 calories/day. This was a general term used to avoid quick fix dieting. (which is detrimental in the long term)

10. I am pregnant, can I still join?
YES! To be fair, you can either use a before picture at the same time you were pregnant prior (if this is your second child) to demonstrate a healthier pregnancy. If this is your first time, please just provide your most recent picture. (BTW: we’ve had a pregnant mom grace the pages of our swimsuit calendar)

11. Can I use a ‘before’ picture that was taken earlier this year?
Please provide the picture taken this month (August 2014). Please submit two photos. One holding a daily newspaper and one without. You can also include a picture taken prior but it will not be used in the final judging.

12. Do I need to be a mom?
No! Stepmoms, grandmothers, mom of doggies…are all able to join!

13. Can I be refunded after I join?
After September 1st there are no refunds.

14. There’s a lot of paperwork on the application. When do I turn it in?
At the very end of the contest on November 24th.

15 Do I  need a professional photographer to take my “after” photo?
No. However, if you do use someone, we ask you utilize the photographer waiver in the application packet.

16. How will we be judged?
40% Transformation
30% Personal Story
30% Participation

17. Who will judge?
There will be a NEM panel.

18. How many prizes are there?
The pot money will be divided between 13 winners:
1. ELEVEN Regional winners (including our international NEMs)
2. ONE National winner (Our 11 Finalists will be voted by our NEM group!)
3. ONE NEM admin/leader (online admins, regional and group NEM leaders)

19. When is the last day to join and when will winners be announced?
Last day to join: September 5th
Winners announced: December 15th

20. Will I know the total pot money?
Yes! On Sept 6th we will announce how many people have entered and what is up for grabs! We will also announce pot updates the weeks leading up.

21. I’ve done contests like this before and failed. What do you recommend for me to keep me motivated these next 12 weeks?
I will send out weekly emails to all of you as your mentor. If you are following the contest rules as written here you will also have found accountability partners in the form of a supporter and follower. The positive and inspiring energy of people around you will be the defining factor that will make this a successful journey versus the times you have attempted to transform in the past. I believe that we can absolutely transform ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually in these next 12 weeks and that NO ONE on my team gets left behind. I will send all those joining a personal email to contact me directly for any questions, motivation or support.

22. I signed up but didn’t get my application?
A link should’ve been provided along with the receipt. If it was not received, please forward your receipt to noexcusemoms@gmail.com JOIN the 12-week transformation contest today! $20 to join! CLICK HERE.

61 Replies to “12-week Transformation FAQ’s”

  1. What if you’re not a mom at all ( nor grandma, step mom, etc) – can you join for motivation and accountability?

      1. I thought the challenge pot was going to be announced by now. The Eldorado Hills NEM group wants to know what’s the final pot is.

  2. About a yr ago I moved to a small town in the outskirts of Mexico city. how do I go about with the NEM club. There arent any where I live. Or how to contact international manager ?

  3. I would LOVE to join but there arent any local NEM groups near or around me, I have emailed before seeking information on how to start one in my area but never received any response, Maria Kang can you help????

        1. Search website. I don’t think there is one in Roseville – although there’s been a lot of inquiries for that area. Let me know if you are interested in starting one.

  4. I’m trying to sign up but having difficulty for some reason. I live in Elk Grove,CA. Who do I sign up with?

  5. How do I find my receipt? I paid with debit card not paypal account and haven’t received an application.

  6. I am having surgery sept 29th for breast cancer, I won’t be able to lift heavy or do heavy cardio for at least 6 weeks. Should I wait til the next contest to apply?

    1. You should always consult with your doctor. If you feel you would like to enter the contest and just work on the healthy eating and non-exercise things then you are more then welcome too. If you would like to wait for the next contest then that would be great too.

  7. I have the application pulled up but how do I make it a working document so that I can type my info into it and email it back?

  8. I want to make sure I apply the right way. What specific forms do I need to have turned in at the beginning? I also will email my before pics in? I’m confused as to what is due now and on Nov 24. Thanks!!!!

  9. I already paid my $20 for this challenge where do I go to fill out all the paperwork and give my story? I’ve been clicking on the click here links and it’s blank with no information please help I’m so ready and excited to transform my life for the better

  10. I have joined the challenge & have my application almost ready to e-mail in. Do I send my before pic in now with the paperwork or just keep it to submit @ the end of the challenge for judging??
    I’m so excited to have a concrete plan for the next 12 weeks. I have done quick fixes for the past 2 years and it’s exhausting & doesn’t last. I’m ready to do it the right way. I have already purged my kitchen of crap food so hopefully my family doesn’t revolt too badly 🙂

  11. Hi,
    I live in KL, Malaysia and would love to join. How do I do it? I just moved here and looked on the Facebook page but didn’t find anybody from here. Can I still join?



  12. What if we take a picture with a newspaper from Sept 1st? Will we be disqualified? I didn’t see these rules until yesterday but I did take a pic then.

  13. I can’t seem to find any contact information on a NEM leader here in my area. Can anyone help? I live in Lubbock, TX.

  14. I’m just now filling out the application and it states I need to take a picture holding a newspaper from August, but it’s September. Can I still join?

  15. I didn’t get my Application till the 5th and the paper work didn’t say to take picture with a newspaper. It just said before and monthly pictures. Can I still use my before photo without the newspaper? Or can I still take photo with newspaper?

  16. Do any forms needs to be submitted now in the application we got? I already submitted payment or does the whole application need to be submitted in November? Besides payment what else do we need to submit? Thanks!

    1. Yes it is to late to join this contest. But don’t worry we will be doing more in the future and you are more then welcome to join in and do this contest for fun!

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