12-week Transformation Contest!

On September 1st we are beginning an international transformation contest with all our No Excuse Moms! For 12 weeks, we are asking you to eat healthy, get active and be purposeful in your daily intentions. This was created to connect us as No Excuse Moms, motivate us before the holidays and transform us in a limited period of time. Contest Ends November 24th.

If you lose a healthy average of 1-2lbs/week for the next 12 weeks, you will be 12-25lbs lighter in 12 weeks! If you are heavily overweight, you will lose more weight. Click here to submit payment and receive an application via email.

1. Drink only water, black coffee/tea
2. Eat balanced meals comprising of 30% lean protein, 30% healthy fats, 30% carbohydrates. The last 10% goes towards a small treat or protein/fat (for rest days) or carbohydrates (for training days).
3. Track your calories. If you are trying training for weight loss, lower your intake by 300 calories every few weeks.
4. Enjoy 1-2 treat meals a week.
5. Perform cardio 4 times a week for 20-30 minutes. (the shorter your cardio time the more intense it should be).
6. Perform strength training 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes.
7. Stretch daily.
8. Take a Selfie monthly (in workout clothes/swimsuit)
9. Participate and connect with your local NEM group either online or in person.
10. Identify your Target Heart Rate: 220-age * 60-85% =
11. Create a 12-week Fitness Calendar. For tips and downloadable calender click here.
12. Find accountability partners: Mentor (group leader), Supporter (friend) and Follower (someone you can guide). Find your regional leader here.
13. Be a member of our online NEM Facebook group

Contest Rules:

1. $20 opt-in payment to place into the pot.
2. All application will be emailed after payment is received and must be submitted by September 5th
3. Submit before and after pics and story by November 24th
4. Must connect with closest NEM group (via online or in person). Identify your local leader.
5. Must follow NEM guidelines. No extreme dieting, diet pills, detox plans allowed.

Winners will be judged by Maria Kang and a NEM panel. Criteria will be based upon:

40% Transformation
30% Personal Story
30% Participation

The pot money will be divided between 14 winners:
1. TWELVE Regional winners (including our  two international NEMs)
2. ONE National winner
3. ONE NEM admin/leader

The way we will divide prize money will be:
30% NEM Winner
30% NEM Admin/leader Winner
30% NEM Regional Winners
10% Misc Fees and NEM Charity Bucket (everything will be accounted for and transparent for everyone to see)

For Example, if we have 500 entries this will be the breakdown:

$10,000 POT MONEY
$3000 Overall NEM winner
$3000 NEM Admin/leader winner
$300 (11 Regions: $3300) Regional leader
Leftover is $700 which will go towards any paypal fees and the NEM charity bucket (i.e. sponsorship races)


1. Do I need to count calories?
No. We provided a general guideline for those who want to know how to get started.

2. How do you define Detox?
We don’t recommend any program that allows less than 1200 calories/day. This was a general term used to avoid quick fix dieting. (which is detrimental in the long term)

3. I am pregnant, can I still join?
YES! To be fair, you can either use a before picture at the same time you were pregnant prior (if this is your second child) to demonstrate a healthier pregnancy. If this is your first time, please just provide your most recent picture. (BTW: we’ve had a pregnant mom grace the pages of our swimsuit calendar)

4. Can I use a ‘before’ picture that was taken earlier this year?
Please provide the picture taken this month (August 2014). Please submit two photos. One holding a daily newspaper and one without. You can also include a picture taken prior but it will not be used in the final judging.

5. Do I need to be a mom?
No! Stepmoms, grandmothers, mom of doggies…are all able to join!

6. Do I HAVE to join a local group?
Yes – you can either create your own (if there is no one next to you) or join the closest group either online or in person. The reason why this is required is to align you with positive people and create lasting, healthy friendships.

7. Will I know the total pot money?
Yes! On Sept 6th we will announce how many people have entered and what is up for grabs! We will also announce pot updates the weeks leading up.

107 Replies to “12-week Transformation Contest!”

  1. I signed up the other day but never received an email or anything? Did I do something wrong I got an email that my payment was processed through PayPal

  2. Very excited about this challenge! =) Is there a way to guarantee people will use true August 2014 pics? It’d be unfair if people submitted pics from a few months before August making their results look more drastic?

  3. Hello, are we allowed to use supplements? Such as vitamins, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, branch chain amino acids?

  4. Just got my application and paperwork. Can’t wait! Is there a NEM group in the Charlottesville, VA area?

  5. I AM IN!!! I will still be marathon training for the first couple weeks…. I need to lose the marathon training pounds.

  6. My regional manager is Sahrina Garcia but there is no email address with her profile. Could you please provide that information for region VI? Thanks in advance!

  7. Hi, Maria!
    It would be hard to determine whether the pic is taken Aug 2014, we all know that picture can be edited nowadays.
    We can only hope that all participants will be HONEST and TRUTHFUL to themselves.

  8. I am in South Africa and I will participate in this contest by following the rules and trust that I will achieve my target weight!!!

  9. The first set of “rules” regarding meal composition, etc: Are these rules you will somehow be enforcing? Or are they the guidelines you suggest to be following the “NEM way”?

  10. Hi-
    I enrolled on August 16 but have not received anything at all via email. When should I expect to receive my application?

  11. This may be a silly question but is paleo considered “detox”, and can we still have coconut milk in our coffee?

  12. I also am wondering about the format if the personal story and also any specific criteria, like word limits. Also, what exactly does participation count as?

    1. No word count (not too long). Regarding participation, please find a NEM group near you and encourage/motivate members online or in person. Finding and becoming an accountability partner is helpful for your long term success.

  13. This looks awesome! Can you give me more information on the charity bucket? I just want to be careful not to donate money to fund something controversial like embryonic stem cell research (as an RN, I know there are many treatments done successfully with adult stem cells, and they have great potential. There are no treatments with embryonic stem cells despite billions of dollars of funding). Thank you so much– I really appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    1. Teresa, the money will go back to the winners as the small percentage leftover will go towards any NEM funding like website costs, 5k runs, investing in more apparel, etc.

  14. I tried to email the NEM rep for area V but the email was returned to me. I would like to connect with others, but am uncertain of how.
    Also, I paid my fee but have not received any info via email as a follow up. I guess I am nervous…any thoughts?

  15. Hi interested in the challenge. I Dont really have weight to lose but have been trying to get motivated to transform my body and be fit. Could i still be eligible to join with that kind of goal? Other questions are about before photos, is there a certain poses requested? When u ask that we join a local group either in person or online. How would we find a group? Im just on the NEM main group.

    1. Yes you can. We have a few people with similar goals. No poses specifically, just anything that showcases your best physique. Please go to locations tab and add your zipcode to find your nearest group.

  16. Can I do the challenge even though I was removed from the facebook group (for talking about how different the page is from day to day based on who’s online)?

  17. I wish I could participate. I eat healthy and have even dropped my calories to 1800 and still can’t lose weight while breastfeeding. Maybe next time. :/

  18. Just signed up today! I’m so fortunate to have Vanessa Campos for my group leader. Met her just a month ago and has motivated and inspired me infinitely. I hope I singer proud in this!

  19. Hi I am from Australia, would love to participate I am 115kg, not sure what that is in pounds, don’t care about the winnings, so what do I do if I can’t get into a local group?

  20. Hi, I also paid and have not received an application. How long does it usually take? Also, where can I join an online group? Thanks.

  21. I received an email that said download attachment but there was no attachment. Will I be receiving an additional email with the application?

    Thank you!

  22. HI. I’ve got two conditions that rule out press-ups and running, does that rule me out of taking part?

    Also I’m part of the UK group, who’s our group leader?


  23. Does Herbalife shakes and myivitamins count as “diet pills”? And how can I find my local group? Battle Creek, MI

  24. I still have not received my packet it the mail. Any suggestions? I paid the fees two weeks ago.

    I am very excited about the challenge.

  25. Can I have the newspaper picture for september 1st? I just pay today. And the other picture has to be at the same time?

  26. There is conflicting information. The home page says application to be submitted no later than the 5th but the fee page says the 1st. Which is it?

  27. I have sent an email to my regional manager to find out my closest NEM group/leader and haven’t gotten a response. How else can I find out this information so I can complete the application?

  28. I tried to pay using PayPal tonight. I keep getting a error message. I seen where it says I can pay with credit card if I don’t have a PayPal, but I can’t find where I enter to pay with credit card.

    1. Hopefully this makes sense. When you get to the point after entering your address in the form and you see the proceed to PayPal portion of the checkout you click on that. Once you do that it should bring up some more things to fill out and that is where you enter in the credit card information.

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